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  1. k.green17

    Can I cancel an Extension Contract

    Hi, I am currently a travel nurse, and on a whim decisions applied for a permanent float pool position at the hospital I'm currently working in. Not hearing anything back from my application, I asked to extend my position as a traveler. The next day, I get a call with an interview for the float pool position. I already sent out an extension offer and it is approved, but would love to work in float pool as permanent staff! How do I get out of my extension??
  2. k.green17

    Global/Public Health RN

    Hi! I am currently a RN, BSN that has a passion for traveling the world. As I advance in my nursing career, I'm finding global and public health issues catching my attention. Currently, I am working in the hospital setting and am feeling like I want to do something "more". I know I want to continue my education and get my masters degree, but I am not sure which direction to take. I am wondering what it is like to be a global health nurse and/or a public health nurse? How much education did you have to complete? Are there prospective jobs? How is it different than bedside nursing? Thank you for your responses 🙂
  3. k.green17

    Nurse Residency Program

    Can anyone tell more information about nurse residency programs? After I graduate nursing school, I am looking for options that will help me land a hospital job. Are these programs competitive? When should I apply? Does anyone have similar experiences? Thank you!
  4. k.green17

    New Grad Nurse

    Great idea! I've been looking into that and it looks promising, thank you!
  5. k.green17

    New Grad Nurse

    Vallejo is where my family lives! It's northern California by Napa and Sonom
  6. k.green17

    New Grad Nurse

    I currently attend nursing school in Wisconsin and am of junior status. The other day I had a mini panic attack realizing that graduation and the NCLEX exam are both approaching VERY rapidly. I have a general idea of what nursing fields I want to work in, but I fear that I won't be accepted in those positions because I will be a new graduate nurse with no experience. I also want to move from Wisconsin to California after I graduate which makes me anxious that moving to a new place with no healthcare connections plus having no experience being a new graduate will impede my chance of actually obtaining a nursing job in the field I am most interested in, let alone, I fear I won't have that many job opportunities because I am moving away from all my connections. Is there anything I can do to optimize my chance of getting a nursing job while I have moved to a new state in addition to being a new graduate nurse with little experience? Thanks for reading this! - A nervous nursing student :)
  7. I currently have about a year and half left of nursing school (how exciting!) and I attend an accredited nursing school in Wisconsin. After I graduate, I want to move to California to be closer to family. I plan on filling out the application of the Licensure by Examination before I take the NCLEX, but I heard the process takes along time. How likely is it that I will get a RN job right away when I move to California because I went to a university in a different state? What is the process like transfer to a different state? Does anyone have any similar experiences? Thank for your time! -Katie :)