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  1. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    Ya know? It's funny to me that after sharing my experience, I've been deemed as entitled, a bad communicator, I do not have a BSN (that's not offensive at all to those that don't), I need to tougher skin, I'm a cry baby and etc BUT what people don't ...
  2. Where are all of the Burn Unit nurses hiding?

    Thank you! They see some peds but it's not a designated place for pediatric patients. I don't see many topics or discussions with Burn nurses and I would love some insight and advice. Thank you for suggesting the book. I will definitely look it up! G...
  3. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    I will say this. Maybe using the term "NETY" is too harsh but I will not excuse her attitude and behavior. I am in no way bitter or upset as some are trying to "point out" or "decipher". I will just try to keep it in mind whenever I am or if I am put...
  4. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    To address some of the questions, yes it was optional for her to say she didn't want a student because her coworker did. No, it was not optional for me to say that I wasn't going to be with her. I could not reassign myself and I do not believe she sh...
  5. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    Desperate to be a victim í ½í¸‚! I'm far from a victim! Overburdened with one patient and just came from a 14 day vacation? Ok.
  6. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    Apparently, people missed the point of the entire post. I don't care about the nurse. It is MY point of view of what happened to me on my first day of clinical. There are many snarky comments and things that happened throughout the day and I won't ou...
  7. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    I did! I said it several times. And every time the nurse made a snarky remark, I told my instructor. My instructor came over there and the nurse made it seem like everything was fine. I was lucky enough to return to the same floor in a different clin...
  8. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    Thank you for questions because I can correct you. #1 I did not interrupt her during her shift or in the middle of important tasks. We reported before shift report so we could be right there in the beginning. Also, she had one patient at the time. On...
  9. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    I appreciate your point of view but this was not the case. I teamed up with the MA that was helping with her patients. I didn't know at the time. She was perfectly fine with me cleaning up her patients and changing their linen. At first I questioned ...
  10. Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    It was our first day stepping foot on the floor. We were lost. We were scared. We've all been there. If you haven't yet, you will. Some of us were sweating. Some of us were shaking. Some of us were quiet. The one thing that we did have in common is...
  11. Hello everyone! I am a new graduate nurse and looking forward to this nursing journey. I just graduated and accepted a position in a Burn Center that consists of an emergency room, ICU and step down. I noticed that there aren't many posts about Burn ...
  12. The 5 "W's": Works Every Time!

    Well this cracked me up!
  13. New Burn Nurse! Advice please!

    I am a new graduate nurse and have been blessed with a position in the Burn Center. It is the only full Burn center in a 150 mile radius. This center includes Emergency, ICU and step down. I will be working in all units in this center. I've been hear...