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  1. shelz8

    Nursing School Not For Me

    Hey I'm wondering if you ended up become a nurse?
  2. shelz8

    practice teas vs the real teas

    where is this?
  3. shelz8


    I am wondering the same thing.
  4. shelz8

    TEAS 6 Advice (Questions Welcome)

    I have but i have not taken the teas6 yet. if you have or hear anythign please let me know.
  5. shelz8

    TEAS 6 Advice (Questions Welcome)

    I took and failed the teas 5 twice also. but im only failing the english section. How did you do on the teas 6? Also did you buy the ati practice tests for either the teas v or teas 6? if so how did they compare to your actual score? please let me know i take my test on Thursday. thanks.
  6. shelz8

    teas v vs. teas 6 scores

    I was wondering how the teas 6 scores compare to the teas 5 scores. Also wondering how the practice tests from ATI compare tot he actual test. My practice test scores are pretty good but i have taken the teas v and my practice scores were also pretty good and the actual scores were lower. So im wondering how the actual teas 6 compares to the practice ati tests. I also read how the scores are calculated. and on the teas 5 there was a dificulty factor that the practice tests didn't factor. and on the teas 6 there is no difficulty factor. the scored are strictly based on the number right by the total. If this was the case on the teas 5 i would of been fine but it wasn't so i am not having to take the teas 6. I was still studying and freaking on buy feel that if the teas 6 if scored number right divided by the total i am scoring well above what i need from my scores on the practice test. please help me out. Thanks again, Shelby R.
  7. shelz8

    TEAS 6

    Hey did you ever take the ati practice tests online for teas 5 or 6? if so what did you score on them? was the practice scores close similar or higher/lower then the actual teas scores? im taking the teas 6 on thursday and my practice scores are good but i worry about the actual test. please let me know. thanks