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  1. iPad Use In Schools

    About to start a new position in a school that contains only students with disabilities ages 3 - 26 - all students have medical plans and either IEPs, 504s, etc. Two questions: 1) Was curious if any nurses within the school use an iPad or laptop to w...
  2. Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    Thanks all so far who replied. After just having a recent visit with my pain management provider, they offered me a spinal injection next month, however long term they did mention to get off of my feet especially if that's my trigger. I appreciate a...
  3. Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    I appreciate the advice so far. Unfortunately, a lot of the options mentioned such as TENS, massage, etc. have not worked for my pain. Aside from exercising frequently and being active, my biggest trigger is prolonged standing, not so much as the mov...
  4. Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    Well I certainly don't agree with your point of view, and to be honest it seems that you come from the idea of "old school" nursing to me that the profession is trying to change. I don't feel that I should have to "earn" my right to be able to sit do...
  5. Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    I've been offered by management to do 8 hour shifts, however it would be more days on my feet overall. I'd say that the minimal duration that I'd need to sit is about 15 minutes for every hour or at least have the opportunity to sit frequently. For e...
  6. Hi everyone! I recently graduated from an accelerated nursing program as a BSN this past December and was offered a position in a Level III ED hospital in a large Metropolitan area. However, due to personal health reasons I've been having a rough ti...
  7. Wayne State Accelerated Nursing 2017

    Same! I just received my email not too long ago for admission to the Spring term for the CD2 program.
  8. Wayne State Accelerated Nursing 2017

    Bump. Anyone else applying to the program hear anything from Wayne State at all?
  9. Wayne State Accelerated Nursing 2017

    Hi everyone, Was curious to see if anyone is applying for Wayne State's accelerated program for 2017. What are your GPAs for applying? Any current students in the program that can offer any tips or advice? Thanks!