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  1. I am a new grad nurse and recently passed the NCLEX exam :). I got a job offer at a hospital clinic that in the mean time will help me pay for my bachelors and my student loans while I practice my skills as a nurse and wait for the opportunity to open up. Every single time I mention the fact the I LOVE THE OR people make a face , and tell me that I won't have any skills as a nurse in there ( WHAT ! ) I have so much respect for OR nurses , pre op , post op , I personally think it is a beautiful career. Any thoughts on this ? I don't think anything will change my mind until I experience it myself . 😞 but I do feel pooped that others think that way .
  2. Two months ago I failed my first attempt at the NCLEX and honestly I did not feel defeated because I knew I studied my butt off LOL but I am a horrible test taker due to my raging anxiety ( trembling , headache and even vomiting ). The next day I saw I failed I booked my second attempt and had a serous conversation with my ( brain doctors I call them LOL ) and he recommended Lorazepam. So long story short I showed up to my second test with confidence in one hand and ZEPAM in the other LOL and took my test. Yes I went all the way to 130 but after I got to question 60 I took my 15 min brake and told myself YOU GOT THIS don't give up! and passed. So please don't feel discourage if the test takes you all the way to the end don't feel bad because you failed the first time. I used UWorld Mark klimek and the Prioritization and delegation book
  3. mariawong

    Robert Morgan Lpn program

    Hi did you started the program ? How do you like it
  4. Hello friends does anyone know of a good acredited school in Miami to get your LPN , I need one that offers classes at night after 5 .
  5. thank you
  6. yes im passing
  7. Don't give up hope because if you really want this you will find a way trust me that's the truth. You have to push yourself and believe in yourself. Dont listen to your friends; push through. If you really want it the way i did you will find a way to make it work. I believe in you! Dont give up your dream; keep pushing forward and keep your head up. See your downfalls and change them; fix them. it is really what i want but right now i feel super lost and sad... i have no motivation to keep going i dont know what tp do anymore i ussually find a solution fast but im down
  8. each semester is 3 months we do 8 chapters on the one i failed , after each class i study the chapters , i do quzlet , i got a board at home , i read the book , i self test by the time we jump to the next one i already study the whole chapter so i dont forget about it , i love going to school but this last class is killing my motivation and i feel like a loser
  9. the worse feeling ever in seeing all your friends pass the class and be happy and you are standing there like a loser getting kicked out of school and faking a smile ... im in so much pain right now
  10. thank you i will
  11. Thank you so much i appreciate this
  12. Hello guys ive been posting a lot here and is good to see how everyone supports each other and dont judge you or attack you . im writing this with tears in my eyes because i might be getting kicked out of the program for failing my AP 2 class twice , today was my final and even doe i studied for almost 3 weeks straight no going out , no family gatherings missed my bday , no dating, no social media went to all the tutorings , i failed . I feel like my life is ending and i'm sorry for the drama but i feel like im not good enough , i dont have anyone to talk to because my friends tend to be a little judgmental and they will tell me to quit . several of my classmates failed and they dont care but i do , some suggested going to a different school. so right after my exam i met with the dean and she told me to write a appeal letter to let me do it again meaning if it gets approved i will be 3000 times more stressed about it because is my final attempt to this , she also told me she might help me to add concepts 1 so i don't stay behind . but it might be too much for me ... i think i can handle it but right now i don't know what is going to happen , i just cant stop crying and i wish my parents were alive to have someone to guide me and at least just tell me that everything is going to be ok .

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