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  1. Best Scrub Skirts?

    Sorry, I think I posted this in the wrong place, but cannot figure out how to change it. ?
  2. Best Scrub Skirts?

    I am starting a new job and need to purchase scrubs. I like wearing skirts, but I am having trouble finding any that aren't straight/pencil types. Those are very hard to move in, so I am trying to find ones that are flared. Does anyone have any exper...
  3. Question re: nursing diagnosis

    Am I supposed to copy my nursing outcomes and interventions directly from the NANDA book, or use my own words?
  4. Advice on Interviews

    I have a job interview scheduled for this Thursday. I am in my first semester of nursing school, so this is more of a CNA/student nurse job than anything else, but I really want to get it. What sort of questions will they ask me? How should I prepa...
  5. How hard is stats compared to A&P?

    I took A&P and stats the same semester and found the latter to be immeasurably more difficult. I got A's in both classes, but stats required me to have two tutors for five hours each week, plus loads of time on my own, plus going to my teacher's ...
  6. CCBC Nursing Fall 2017 Application

    Hey SQuinlin1, I applied to the CCBC nursing program for Spring 2017. Basically, you can go to the registration and enrollment office and request that your transcript be sent to the school of nursing. They'll know exactly what you are talking about ...
  7. What Do You Love About Nursing?

    Thank you to everyone for all your lovely answers! It means more to me than I can say. I love reading everybody's perspectives, and I'm feeling a lot more optimistic. I enjoy hearing about everyone's different occupations and specialties, but I am p...
  8. What Do You Love About Nursing?

    I am going to be starting the nursing program in January. I recently had an orientation at my school, which seemed (to me) to be devoted exclusively to informing us how difficult the program would be, and how we would have no life, and how we would s...
  9. Please Help: Weight Gain in Nursing School

    Thank you so much, verene! You've made me feel a whole lot better! :)
  10. After reading some of the threads here (which I probably should have done before I decided to become a nurse), I am seeing a lot of people saying that they experienced weight gain in nursing school. As someone who has dealt with a whole host of eatin...
  11. WANTED: New Student Advice

    Thank you so much, Esme12! I am rather worried about the amount of material I will be responsible for knowing. How should I prioritize? Also, you mentioned that you have forums and people who can help. That sounds awesome! What kind of help do you pr...
  12. WANTED: New Student Advice

    Thank you so much for the advice and reassurance!
  13. WANTED: New Student Advice

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to allnurses and I hope I'm doing this right. I am going to be starting nursing school at the end of January, and I'm more than a bit nervous. Everyone keeps telling me how impossible nursing school is going to be. It ...
  14. practice teas vs the real teas

    Hey there, lisamarkham92! I wouldn't worry so much about it. I took two TEAS practice tests within the month before my test and got in the 70ish range on both of them. When I actually took the exam, though, I scored a 91%, which is in the 99th percen...