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  1. kiakia122002


    can an lpn provide private duty services to a family or friend and bill medicare for these services, I live in TN and I can't seem to find any info on this subject.
  2. kiakia122002

    Patient's "right" to abuse nurses...I need your opinion

    Sorry to hear that, I don't know when the abuse of nurses by patients is ever going to stop, they treat us like we are servants, and the more I work in nursing homes the more I question why I even became a nurse, more and more we have drug addicts that are admitted and catered to instead of trying to help with the problem let's just prescribe them anything they want, and of course let's have a cna take a patient out to smoke, on an already short staffed unit, but patients demand it, I think if these people are with it and cause issues with staff need to be discharged home, but the hospitals and nursing homes won't do that because they want that money coming in, it doesn't matter how we are treated. I'm feeling drained and abused also, so I know how you are feeling.
  3. kiakia122002

    low-down on St Thomas USVI

    I was wondering if anyone here has worked at the Queen Louise nursing home for the aged, I'm an LPN and I'm going in Febuary, any advice or tips would be helpful thanks
  4. kiakia122002

    Calling in for no sleep

    I totally agree, with the points you are making, I worked without sleep myself being on call and working for those that called off because they didn't get any sleep, but when i was sick and tried to call off i was told come to work, had vomiting and diarrhea all day and asked the person that i stayed for once before because they didn't get any sleep, if they would cover and the answer was no
  5. kiakia122002

    Calling in for no sleep

    I'm not sure about that, the facility that i worked for in Alaska allowed some nurses to do that, however, i have worked many shifts and not had any sleep and went to work anyway, it is hard on staffing to call in for this, back in the day, as I am an older nurse we sucked it up and went to work anyway, some DON's will tell you it's not their problem and get to work
  6. kiakia122002

    low-down on St Thomas USVI

    Hello, I'm an LPN and i have an assignment starting on Feb. 27th at one of the nursing homes in St. Thomas, the capital, what are some of the things i need to be aware of, I'm a woman and have heard horrible stories of rape and murder, any info please let me know thanks in advance

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