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  1. nursingla

    Mount Sinai ABSN Fall 2019

    I applied in January and received my acceptance early February
  2. nursingla

    Mount Sinai ABSN Fall 2019

    Hi everyone, I will be attending the program this Fall as well. I was just wondering whether anyone knows around when we will have completed the program? Would it be end of next year or would it continue into 2021?
  3. nursingla

    Phillips Beth Israel School Of Nursing ABSN FALL 2019

    I believe the first group to graduate from the ABSN program was last year, so that may be why there aren't too many reviews.
  4. There's a link to the fb group earlier in this thread for the Summer cohort, but not sure if a group has been made for the Fall one
  5. nursingla


    @spreadyourwings13 I submitted in September and received an interview offer end of December. I interviewed at the end of January and was accepted a few days after the interview. Hope this helps!
  6. Is anyone transferring over credits for Pathophysiology or Pharmacology?
  7. I applied for the Summer start, but just got accepted today into the Fall cohort! Does anyone know what month the program would end next year? Also has there been any info received on scholarships? Im deciding between Mount Sinai and Adelphi, but Adelphi’s more expensive
  8. nursingla

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2019-2020

    Would anyone happen to be commuting from Queens?
  9. nursingla

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2019-2020

    @studentRN218 thank you so much! It’s been nagging at me too, I’m waiting to hear back from Mount Sinai, but it’s a lot more expensive than Downstate. The only thing holding me back from accepting downstate is that I heard the area’s not very safe at night, and I don’t know if anyone else will be commuting from my area
  10. nursingla

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    same here. mine's been in review for weeks now
  11. nursingla

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2019-2020

    Has anyone received any info about how much tuition & costs will be for the whole program?
  12. Has anyone received any info on financial aid or scholarships?
  13. nursingla

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    I haven't either. My status is still in review.
  14. Hey guys, how long after your NursingCAS application was verified did you receive the acceptance?
  15. nursingla

    ABSN at Molloy

    Hello! I emailed admissions in June of last year and they told me that the program is rolling admissions and that space gets filled up fast. Like you said, they said atleast a 3.3 gpa is required, as well as a math & eng exam & interview. They also told me that sciences aren't prereqs for the program, but if you did complete any science courses, a C+ or higher is required in order for those grades to transfer. It takes a min of 5 semesters to complete. This was what I was told in June, not sure if anything has changed. Hope this helps!
  16. nursingla

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2019-2020

    @studentRN218 thank you!

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