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  1. Any nurses with mental illness?

    No need to be ashamed! I suffer from depression and anxiety - more so anxiety as of late! And for me it never got in the way of me being a nurse until lately. I made a big geographical move and had a lot of stress going on when I started a new job. I...
  2. Best online RN to BSN?

    I'm not sure about the RN-BSN part of your questions - but maybe check US News - I think they have rankings, or google it. I'm currently applying for FNP school and want to do it online. If you're thinking of that some programs allow you to do RN-MS...
  3. How hard is being an RN?

    Don't let someone tell you you can't be a nurse! If that's what you want to be I think you can do it! I had a Chemistry teacher in HS tell me I couldn't be a nurse unless I got an A in his class....and guess what!? I'm a nurse! (and I didn't get an A...
  4. **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    Thank you Simplistic ! Yes, I know USC has a great reputation, so I'm sure their FNP program will get accredited - it's just a bit scary to take that gamble!! This is an odd question, but does reputation matter when trying to get a job as an FNP? Wou...
  5. Advice for BSN-DNP schools (with FNP speciality)

    Thank you Palliative Care, DNP ! I've looked into Loyola and it was on my list. I've decided to not to the DNP route and instead just MSN/FNP as I feel it is more what I want to do with my career. I missed Loyola's MSN deadline for this year but goo...
  6. **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    Thank you angiebfnp18, ADN, BSN, RN ! Yes, I've checked with the schools and asked about clinical and if they have specialists who help find preceptors and sites - some do, others don't. I just hope I can find preceptors that will take me - I'll have...
  7. I've been applying to MSN/FNP online schools and just got accepted to USC's program!! woohoo!I would have to take the bridge course because I've been out of school 5+ years (this course is a combo of all the major sciences, yuck! micro, o-chem, anato...
  8. Cheapest NP Program...period.

    Hi TashaLPN2006RN2012 - I'm reading this thread and see that you graduated from Simmons College FNP program. I am in the application process. Is there anything you can tell me about the program? Did you like it? Was it good? Did you do online or on c...
  9. I'm lost...should I do PNP or FNP??

    Thank you adventure_rn, BSN for your response! I have heard as well that it can be harder to get a job with a PNP, but I haven't heard some would prefer a FNP! I hope you're right :) I think I've decided on the FNP so I don't limit myself and so I ca...
  10. MSN or DNP for NP degree - what's better??

    Thank you lhflanurseNP! You're right, a degree is a degree--I never thought about it that way really. I've just heard so much about the push for the DNP degree to practice, but it's not required yet so I'd be "grandfathered in" supposedly!! And yes ...
  11. MSN or DNP for NP degree - what's better??

    Thank you audreysmagic for your response! It's good to know a peds office would hire either because that's the type of place I want to work but I don't want to limit myself and just have the PNP. Yes I'm hoping the FNP offers more flexibility after g...
  12. George Washington University - BSN-DNP Fall 2017

    Thank you SCRN060584!! I'm thinking it's the smarter choice too...and quicker - instead of getting an MSN and possibly having to go back afterward. Thank you!
  13. Advice for BSN-DNP schools (with FNP speciality)

    Thank you RedNP!! I will check their program out!!
  14. Advice for BSN-DNP schools (with FNP speciality)

    Simplistic - I've heard from multiple people that DNP is the way to go if you get your FNP; especially a bridge program. If I did a bridge program it would take 3-4 years instead of having to go back after getting a MSN degree. I primarily want to wo...
  15. I'm lost...should I do PNP or FNP??

    Thank you rnkaytee for you response! Good to know you can still work in a peds clinic as an FNP as your friend is going to do! Thanks so much!!