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  1. Yes ours does that too. Most of the schools (in this area, anyhow) follow the same structure and cover all of those areas within the four courses.
  2. The school I am in for my RN is 4 classes as well. Not sure why this is so confusing to some people? It's a two-year program, one 9-credit course per semester.
  3. Single mom and nursing student

    I have faith we will do fine! Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing. We are a rare bunch, single moms working full time and doing this nursing school thing. If you ever need an ear or shoulder, let me know! :)
  4. Single mom and nursing student

    Shayla, never be afraid to ask for help! You're so fortunate to have family nearby. My closest family lives about 1400 miles away I also bought a planner so I can look ahead at what I need to do. I'll still be working 40 hours so it'll be tough. An...
  5. Single mom and nursing student

    Hi, I did get into OCCC for the fall! Congrats on Rose! Are you doing the evening program?
  6. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Thanks for creating the FB group! I sent a request to join. :) excited to meet everyone later this summer!
  7. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Like I said, I was told only the sciences that count toward the degree. So a point for each B in nutrition, AP 1 and 2 and micro which would give you 3 points on the sciences, I assume since they will only count three sciences. Have you taken Chem? T...
  8. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I got mine at 11:36 am.
  9. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Just got my letter! I'm in!!!
  10. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I'm right there with ya. It'll be a long weekend
  11. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Why do we all keep getting different stories??
  12. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Yeah the way she sounded, she was someone doing the applications. She said to keep watching my OCCC email today or first of next week. It was relieving to talk to someone who actually sounded like they knew what was going on!
  13. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    I called yesterday at 6:30 pm and the admissions lady seemed confident we would hear today or Monday. Fingers crossed!
  14. Single mom and nursing student

    Hi! I'm in the same boat. I haven't gotten my acceptance yet (I applied to OCCC and they haven't been sent out yet) but I understand the fear for sure. I have my son full time and I work full time, so it'll be tough fitting it all in but we can do it...
  15. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Yep, the badnap people didn't find out until after it was too late to apply for fall.