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  1. EricaYerian

    LPN to RN?

    I'm a military spouse currently starting pre reqs for nursing this fall. I was really hoping to get into an RN program while I was here and finish before my husband is finished with this last enlistment, but I don't think I am going to have enough time to finish. I'd probably be able to finish an LPN program, but I can't find any LPN to RN bridge programs in Huntington, WV. Looks like Marshall use to offer it, but doesn't anymore. I am so so tired of wasting time. I am almost 25, and I just want to have something to show for it. I want to get my masters and become a CNM, and I just feel like everything is getting prolonged even more. What would you recommend? Should I attempt to get my RN? Go for LPN? Or just start as many pre reqs as I can and try to get into Marshall's LPN program when I get there? I'd say go straight for BSN, but we will be living with my mother for a bit, and I want to get out of her house as soon as I possibly can, so I planned on doing an online BSN course so that I'd be able to work and support us.
  2. EricaYerian

    Advice please? Path to RN

    Sorry, I am from West Virginia and LVN is something I am trying to get used to!
  3. Thank you so much, Nurse Beth, and to all who gave me lovely replies below. It seems I might have left a word out of my question, the counselor recommended I do medical assisting first. Because she confused me so much, I haven't started school yet, but I plan to do an Lpn program. I know a lot of you think I should go RN first, but I feel this is best for mu family currently. My husband is currently active duty and is thinking about getting out after this enlistment, so I plan on getting my LPN then finding a job to help set us up for his ETS date. After that, I plan on pursuing my RN while I work as an LPN. Thank you all for clearing up all the confusion!
  4. EricaYerian

    Advice please? Path to RN

    Hi! I am starting school a little late (24 years old), and I am also a military spouse. I have no medical background or experience and my ultimate dream job is to work at either a Fertility clinic or an OB/GYN clinic. Recently, I visited a school in El Paso, TX where I had plans on starting their LPN program. However, the counselor I met with was worried that I would not do as well as the other students due to my lack of medical experience and suggested I start off with medical assistant instead. This would start off as a certification so I could get work, then I could finish the course and get my associates. I did not want to stop at LPN and had planned on pursuing RN and from that, eventually getting my BSN. I feel sort of at a loss now that the original plan I had feels as if it were thrown in the trash. I know some of the differences between MA and LPN and I have heard from different sources, including the counselor at the school, that LPN's are being phased out. I would like to work and gain experience while I am in school since I am married and want to bring in another income, but I ultimately want to do what is best for my career at this point. If anyone had any suggestions one what path I should take, or maybe even bring a new option to the table, that would be great. I want to hear from people who are already there. Thank you so much!