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  1. nurse_1993

    Patient's who STINK

    Hello all, I work in a walk-in clinic setting (urgent care) and I had a few questions about this topic. We clinic nurses and fellow medical assistants are stuck with a patient in a room while we vital and get down pertinent information down. I have only a handful of patients who come in and they STINK, as if they have not taken a shower in months. Like the minute you walk in, you want to barf kind of stink. I've had to splint someone's leg and foot and it was the nastiest thing I have ever smelled. (I previously worked LTC and seen/done/smelled a lot of nasty things and it's nothing compared to it). At this point, are we able to tell the patient somewhere along the lines like, "I'm sorry, I can not finish my job, do not take it personal but you stink. Here's something to clean yourself off with." but in a nice way? Thank you for any clarification.
  2. nurse_1993

    Took NCLEX Saturday

    Sorry, there's no quick results and the PVT isn't 100% accurate. You'll just have to wait it out. :/ Good luck!
  3. nurse_1993

    Taking LPN in Concorde Garden Grove

    Sorry, i've been really busy with work. Yes, I took my LVN there and graduated last year
  4. nurse_1993

    Taking LPN in Concorde Garden Grove

    Private message me. :)
  5. nurse_1993

    LVN State Test

    I took it the beginning of April, got kicked out at 85 questions and I got my congratulatory letter within 8 days :)
  6. nurse_1993


    Thank you for replying! I prioritized her imbalanced nutrition due to the week I assessed her she wasn't eating d/t being sick with the flu and her being nauseous every time she ate Her constipation (chronic) because shes on narco (the risk fors I know are right.. its just the first two that I find difficult prioritizing)
  7. nurse_1993


    So my friend and I are working on care plans and we are arguing about prioritizing. Let me know if this is correct: 1.Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements 2. Constipation 3. Activity intolerance 4. Risk for falls 5. Risk for loneliness Please and thank you!
  8. nurse_1993

    I need advice!

    I am currently attending Concorde Career College for LVN. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and am halfway done with the program. When I was going to a community college, I didn't really care much and so my grades are horrendous (F's and W's mostly) I want to know my chances of getting into an RN program, if I go to another district and retake all those classes (sort of like starting new) and get passing grades. I took my TEAS when I started LVN and received a 79% without studying or taking any science classes in 4 years, so again I was wondering how good are my chances for getting into an RN program? Any help or advice for my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!