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  1. em11

    NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    I'm planning on taking my NCLEX towards the end of October and I'm unsure as to what I should use to study with to be successful? I was unable to test after I graduated (which was last year) due to some issues with the board. However, I FINALLY have my ATT but since it's been so long since I graduated I don't know what to use to study with. I have the LaCharity book as well as the Saunders NCLEX one. I'm looking for a program to use. I've heard of Kaplan and UWorld but I'm unsure which I should purchase. I just would like to know if anyone has had success with any of these programs and which they prefer? I reaaaaally want to pass this attempt since it's been so long waiting to take it.
  2. em11

    Kaplan Best For NCLEX Study?

    Hi! So, I actually graduated May 2016 and didn't get to take my NCLEX until late last year (some things didn't get sorted out on time) and I ended up failing with 265 question. It's been so long since graduation I'm not sure what I should do to study for this next attempt. I desperately need to pass to keep my nursing position before they give it to someone else, and it's been months since I've graduated and would like to get on with it already. I know a lot of people say Kaplan is the best and I think I'm going to go with it, but should I purchase the entire course (I would have to do online live, there's no courses near me until May) or should I just purchase the q bank for a month? I also have the Saunder's textbook as well as the LaCharity delegation one. I'm just not sure if I should invest in the entire class (money is a bit low right now, but I'm willing to invest in my future) or if the q bank is good enough? I really need to pass on this next attempt and any advice would be extremely helpful!
  3. So, I've taken the NCLEX twice already (the second being yesterday) and I failed again. Both times were with 265 questions. I was so confident that the test was going to shut off at 75 because I thought this exam was slightly easier than the first, however, that didn't happen. I'm not really sure how I should be approaching this. I graduated nursing school in May, 2016. I didn't get to take my NCLEX immediately after graduation because some of my paperwork got lost in transit so I had to wait over 3 months before I could test the first time. I worked a lot and honestly didn't dedicate myself to studying, so I take complete responsibility for that. The second time I tested I did study more but I really didn't utilize that many resources and although I was doing quite a few questions, the exam was kinda sprung on me out of nowhere. I planned on studying for at least a month but my new boss requested that I take it within a week of getting my second ATT. I agreed to do so and well, didn't work out in my favor. I'm just wondering what the best resources for passing the NCLEX are. I desperately need to pass this third attempt so I can begin working and keep my position. I always got As and Bs and school and never struggled with passing anything until now. I also had a TON of priority questions and quite a bit of Select All that Apply, so I'd like to think I'm somewhere close. I know there's Kaplan out there (should I purchase the entire course online or only the qbank?), and LaCharity, and Saunders, and the Mastery App. I did ATI in college and honestly it didn't do anything for me. I'm just not sure what I need to focus on to be successful. I really don't want to fail for the 3rd time and I definitely won't be testing again at least for another month and a half or two.