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  1. Going back to work

    Thank you so much for responding to my post! An acquaintance of mine reached out to me yesterday letting me know they would be hiring an RN position next month. She is an RN and currently works there. She said she does vaccines, UA’s, pregnancy te...
  2. Going back to work

    I have been an RN-ASN since 2010. My last day of work was September 20, 2019. I am considering returning on a per diem basis but would feel most comfortable in outpatient care. I worked in an Endoscopy clinic for 9 years until I stopped working ...
  3. Hi there, I graduated from nursing school in 2010 and went straight into working at an Endoscopy Center and have been there since. I'm now interested in transitioning into the hospital in the PACU. I have not had to do a resume since graduating from ...