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  1. I couldn't get links to work. Could someone please upload them again. Thanks!
  2. vkay

    Charity school of nursing spring 2017?

    I'm not sure about that. I don't remember getting a department ID and then waiting for an email. I simply checked out the available dates and then called to schedule. This link will give you a list of available dates: HESI-A2 Schedule - Delgado Community College The page also includes a link to register online, but I called to schedule my test and then went to the campus to pay and get my login information. Looks like the earliest HESI is scheduled Jan. 13th on the Westbank campus and the latest date is Jan. 30 at the main campus. Don't worry if the testing fills up. When I registered they were adding more testing times because all the others were full. Also, you don't have to go through Delgado to take your HESI. I believe Parsons and maybe a few other places also offer it. Just make sure you take the correct HESI. And when in doubt call the numbers provided in the link. Campus may be closed until after the holidays, so just keep that in mind. But if I were you, I'd plan on taking the HESI in Jan. and get your application together. Good luck.
  3. vkay

    Charity school of nursing spring 2017?

    Applications for the fall term are accepted Jan. 15-31. So you have a few weeks to take the HESI. I'm not sure what kind of help you're seeking. If you could be more specific I'll try and help. Best of luck to you.
  4. I think by making my own flashcards help me the most. Even though I was basically remaking already available material. (there are tons of flashcard, websites, and books with premade materials) By me having to label my own cards by looking the information up, pointing to specific areas and writing the names of each point helped seal the information in my head. But I'm a kinesthetic type learner. If you can learn from others flash cards hit up quizlet. I'll even direct you to my account if you're interested. But I really recommend you do like I did and create your own. Also the most helpful book I found for A&P lecture and lab was A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Anatomy & Physiology by Paul A. Krieger. It breaks everything down into body systems and gives plenty of helpful mnemonics. I bought the binder version so I could easily take out pages to make copies. Sometimes I would renumber the illustrations so I knew I wasn't just memorizing the order or the questions. This book was also very helpful in condensing key points of A&P lecture. I really loved this book and I'm not making any money by saying that. If your school has a skills lab, use of it! My skills lab had all the models that we were to be tested on. I would go and hold each bone, muscle, heart in my hands and touch and identify each part. (again kinesthetic learning) Go with a friend and take turns where one points and the other identifies. Record the lectures and listen to them at home as you read along with your notes and books. If I didn't understand the way my teacher explained it to me I went to youtube and Khan academy and listened to different explanations until I found one I understood. Professor Fink on youtube is one of my favorite, but find someone who explains it best for you. (I'm just so glad I didn't have to take these classes before the multi resources of the internet!) Test yourself. I convinced a fellow student to make up 50-100 test questions and I did the same. We would then take both "test" and see how we did. This way we were able to tell where our strength and weakness were. Make sure to create an answer sheet with explanations to answers when necessary. Make some of the questions tricky so you know you actually understand the knowledge and are not just memorizing it. Doing this helps in multiple ways. You're actually studying while creating the test, you're anticipating what you should know, you're possibly helping and teaching another student, and also you're hopefully reducing your test anxiety by exposing yourself to the practice of test taking. STUDY TIME This should go without saying, but you actually have to make the time to study! I was very fortunate in other classes to not have to take that much time to study and still do well. Not the case with A&P. There is just SO much material in such a short time, that if I didn't spend more time studying I wouldn't have passed. I made an A in all of my A&P I and II lecture and lab classes the first time around. And no, I'm no smartie pants. I studied my hard and regularly. I made social sacrifices to make it happen. When fellow students asked for hints or advice, I would first ask them how they studying. I was surprised at how little time they actually spent studying. I'm always willing to help or tell others what works for me, but none of it will help if you don't actually take the time and do it yourself. Learning if different for everyone. If what you are doing now doesn't work, try a different method. Try several methods until you find what works best for you. And most importantly, know that you can do this. It may not come as easily as you'd like, but I promise with hard work and dedication, it will eventually come to you. Best of luck!
  5. vkay

    Pharmacology - best way to learn

    I don't see the stickies at the bottom of the main Nursing Student Assistant page. I only see a list of sponsors. Am I overlooking it or have the stickies been moved? Not quite sure what I'm looking for. I do see at the bottom of this page a list of Must Read Topics. Is that the same thing as stickies? Thanks for your help.

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