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  1. Slguthrie

    UMSON Spring 2017 BSN

    They told me if I don't get anything in the mail by Thursday then to email them again. So stressful!
  2. Slguthrie

    UMSON Spring 2017 BSN

    I'm still waiting on my letter too! They told me they sent it on 12/1 and it's still not here, and I only live 20-25 minutes from the school so I have no clue what's going on. I feel your pain!
  3. Slguthrie

    UMSON Spring 2017

    Hi guys! Has anyone else applied for the spring semester of 2017?! I still haven't received anything in the mail but my checklist has been updated, though I'm too scared to believe what the checklist says so I won't be certain until my letter comes. Has anyone else received decisions? Thanks!