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    Reporting coworkers

    I am an LPN in a very small family practice office. By very small, I mean a total of 9 employees and that includes the providers. Two years ago, the state came in to our office to inspect newly installed x-ray equipment. During their inspection, they uncovered that the other LPN, who is also our office manager, and the x-ray tech had let their licenses expire. The x-ray tech was allowed to renew her certification however the other LPN was subject to disciplinary action by the state board of nursing. The action taken was a large fine. She had a year to pay her fine or her license would be suspended. The year has obviously passed and it is public record that her license was suspended. The supervising physician was also hit with disciplinary action on her license by the state attorney general. The x-ray tech's newest certification has recently expired. I'm not sure the physician knows any of this. My problem is that I know. These two have a long personal history with each other and are often bullies in the workplace. They also have a long personal history with the physician. I do not feel that I could approach any one of the three without some sort of retaliation in the office. I know that I have to report this to the licensing board. I'm not sure I can trust their confidentiality statement. I love the doctor that I work for. I love my job and my patients. I do not want to see the doctor get into trouble for this again, but I don't feel I can approach her with this information without keeping it confidential given the history she has with these employees. I have been searching for another job to no avail. Do I have faith in the licensing board to keep my information confidential?