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  1. Nancy54

    PMHNP Student Helpful FB Groups list

    "but if clinicals are done in Maryland the school needs the approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) for the clinical portion of the program. MHEC issues the expiration date for the clinical portion of the program. If the program is part of the NC-SARA Compact they don't need approval from MHEC." Last summer, in trying to understand why MD residents were so restricted from being part of out of state programs I dug deeper. I spoke with MBON and MHEC reps involved and the fact is, in the last few years almost every state is part of the SARA compact including MD. The MBON list is not at all uptodate despite the fact that you might see a March '17 date there somewhere. My recommendation would be any school you're interested in.. give that school a call if it's not indicated on the school's website! But most online programs will have a link to what states they are unable to work with b/c they don't want any problems either! MD should be on the lists. Good luck and knowing that should open up a lot more possibilities!
  2. Can I take DNP courses BEFORE I sit for the ANCC exam without completing the DNP? Is that an institution decision, an ANCC (or whoever) decision? thanks so much!!!!
  3. Nancy54

    Shadow health

    I had it last semester and it is SO time consuming. I used the textbook we were working with which tended to highlight kind of a clinical simulation in each chapter (ie if it was respiratory they might highlight a patient with a cough and go through what sort of questions you might ask and what might the answers indicate. I found that very helpful, so if you have a textbook you might be able to find something like that. Figure out what your base score needs to be as required by your school and where most of your points will come in and make sure you "hit" those. And believe me.. it gets faster as the semester goes along. There is a definite learning curve. Good luck! Another tip! If you can download chrome, you can use the voice activated questioning which is a LOT faster! Then, the program will often prompt you with a similar question if yours wasn't spot on and in that case, you just have to click it.. Remember to spend most of your time on the system that the course is highlighting that week (ie, don't worry as much about the history of that cut on the foot when you're doing cardiac or whatever) but tries those tips and also.. it does get faster. But the first module (maybe what you're on?) and the last module take the longest.. esp the first one because I had no idea what they wanted. Good luck!
  4. Nancy54

    DNP vs MSN

    It's hard to find a MSN/NP program in many states if you're looking for a state school. Many states will now only take DNP students, they've phased out other avenues. And in many cases, in-state tuition is less expensive and has some bricks and mortar elements which some students like, and will also help arrange clinicals. Those can all be big deals to some so it's a shame the MSN is being phased out! I agree too, some DNP is so much fluff. If they would have further clinical/or science based elements that could be part of it, it might be more interesting to nurses. Nursing can be weird! :-)
  5. Nancy54

    DNP courses while completing MSN?

    I hope somebody knows the answer to this since I haven't been able to pull it up via google! I'm in an MSN program, but because of the school's program's scheduling, it's part time. I would like to take some DNP classes as time allows along the way, but could not enroll full time in the DNP program both in the interests of my own time management but also because I didn't get started with that in mind and now I would be out of sequence for those classes that require that scheduling. My question is.. my school stated their understanding was that if I start taking DNP courses, I could not sit for my certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse until I finish the DNP vs when I finish the MSN. As they understand it, if I start taking DNP courses, I then need to wait till that program is completed before taking the certification exam. Does anyone know the answer to this? The school truly were just telling me their understanding so if someone has further information they could direct me to, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  6. Nancy54

    CPS call?

    When I was in the school system, we had PPW, a pupil personnel worker. They were involved in all situations outside of the school, that impacted attendance at the school. In our school system, boundary issues were big because families would fabricate documents that indicated a child resided within one school district or another and they would try to establish the actual address. But absenteeism to the extent you indicated was definitely another area they were involved in. I haven't read all the responses, but I definitely agree that an immediate team meeting including the mother (if she attends) is in order and could be justified by the impact these absences are having on the child's learning. While at the meeting discuss the school's need to be prepared to meet the child's health care requirements while in school and get a release of info signed for the pediatrician. If the child does not have a primary care doctor, work to meet that need etc. Also.. if the child has a met a certain number of absences, is there a home/school requirement that kicks in? If so, the mother may be freaked by having someone come into her home and may be more helpful. Re CPS, we were always told that as mandated reporters, we don't screen our calls. We call if we have a concern re neglect, abuse, whatever and the agency does the screening. ie, there is no bad call. I also always like to think of the CPS call as finding another avenue to help get the family the resources they need to deal with the situation that's causing the family distress. The county/state/school has resources available that as a school nurse you may not be aware of or know how to plug the family into. I've also made conversational calls to CPS, just to get their thoughts. Perhaps there's some sort of a county program that could be recommended to this mother since her child "has" so many chronic illnesses (etc) ostensibly to help her deal with the health care system but maybe to assess what's going on and help organize the family into a healthier level of functioning. . I also worked in inpatient pediatric psych so we did a lot of followup and trying to engage community systems. And you know.. although I haven't been part of the school system for a few years, when I was, it was with a very needy community with significant barriers of every kind including language. I sometimes found the offices of health care folks I reached out to were willing be a little flexible with the intent of helping the child and family. Good Luck!
  7. Nancy54

    Shenandoah University Nurse Practitioner Program?

    Hi Soon.. I wondered what your experience has been so far and if you have any thoughts about the choice you made
  8. There were many, many days in nursing school that I felt like quitting.. I wasn't all that sure I wanted to be a nurse in the first place! But you'll find that it is true.. there are lots of ways you can use your degree, you can go on in your education if you like and have more options. But being a nurse (I think this is true in all fields) is not like nursing school. And you're exactly right.. lick your wounds as they say :-) for a little while and then get back up and move foreward. I'm sure it is hard because it's a change in plans and people most likely knew when you were due to finish up etc. I know it feels like a big deal right now to have failed, but in the long run.. it's not. Good luck!
  9. Nancy54

    Who says nurses can't be scholars?

    Out of curiosity I pulled up the ANCC's preceptor national databank program cause I hadn't heard of it and it sounds like a great idea! There's a link on the page where you can check out which Universities are part of the program and there are only a few. There is a fee to the school to be part of the program which doesn't seem exorbitent to me (considering how much we pay!) as long as there are enough NPs signing up to be preceptors as well I suppose. But that might be why you're not getting contacted although I am sure there are many, many NP students who would love to find a great preceptor. Too many schools pass that on to the student, even programs that aren't on line programs.
  10. I've been a nurse for decades as have most my nurse friends and in our cases, now that our kids are out of the house, we're going back for NP's and DNP's and MSN's etc. In my friends' experience and in the class I'm taking... people fail a class and then and take it again when it's offered. I'm in an Advanced Health Assessment class, and I met one woman who failed the physical exam practicum portion of the class mid semester (she passed this semester) and one woman who just could not test over the 80% needed on the academic portion of the course and was retaking it. I think she's left the class again for that reason. And one of my friends is going through the same in a course she's taking. I think what I would do is take the Pharm and then take this course again next semester. I don't really understand your school's attitude towards that one skill. In my education they certainly assumed we would continue to learn the skills once we started our job but.. nothing you can do about that. You can always change your mind and do something later. But you have so much invested in this, why not finish up.
  11. Nancy54

    Mid Atlantic PMHNP

    Hi! Looking at a mid Atlantic PMHNP programs. For financial reasons and others, U of Delaware and Shenandoah U are two. Would love to hear any thoughts about the programs or if there are suggestions on how to get info to compare. Thanks!
  12. Hi! I'm looking at a couple of PMHNP programs in the mid atlantic region and wondered if anyone had any thoughts of the Shenandoah University PMHNP program, or had ideas on ways I could hear what others had to say about this program or others.
  13. HI! I'm considering a couple DNP PMHNP programs in the mid-atlantic area and wondered if anyone was family with the University of Delaware's programs or had thoughts on how to reach out to anyone who's attended that program. Thanks!