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RebellescumRN has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Tele/medsurg.

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  1. RebellescumRN

    Providence St. Joseph Fellowship Program 2021

    Hi there, anyone here applied to the April 2021 fellowship? I just received an offer for the ED fellowship at St Jude's hoping to connect with anyone else that applied!
  2. RebellescumRN

    CA license from out of state

    I was in the same boat (wanting to get licensed in CA to move back home while graduating in Texas) I would recommend starting on the CA license. I ended up staying one year to get experience in Texas but once I had my CA license it was super easy to get a temporary TX RN license while it was endorsed. My main tip would be to start early. For example I took the NCLEX in June but I started sending all my information to CA BON in February. In my experience the processing times started from when I initially submitted my application and payment. Once I graduated I just sent them the final transcripts and I ended up receiving my license in July :)
  3. RebellescumRN

    Texas to California License

    I had a similar situation, from CA and went to school in TX but I planned to move back to LA once I graduated. I recommend getting the CA license first since it takes A LONG LONG TIME. I ended up taking my NCLEX and sending my results to CA BRN and getting my license there first. The whole process took about 3 months. Then when I decided to stay in TX for a year I was able to get a temporary license good for 90 days while CA verified my license for my permanent TX license. The temp texas license was super fast to get it took like a week tops.
  4. RebellescumRN

    RNs Don't Help CNAs

    I think both sides are overworked. I do think nurse should help out when possible, me personally if I see my CNA running around like crazy and I'm done giving meds and no one is calling me and I don't need to do anything urgently I'm not gonna load up more work on the CNA or ignore the call light until they get it, I'll get up and do it myself. Its a shared responsibility. And I have seen RN's and LVN's who don't feel this way. Recently I had a patient who was dirty and the CNA had just gone to lunch. I wasn't busy so I wanted to change the patient but they were too big for me to move on my own so I ask another CNA to help, she tells me to ask the LVN because its not her patient, I ask the LVN he tells me to wait until the CNA comes back from lunch. So just let the patient be dirty for 30 minutes even though we both had the time to change him! In that case I can see where CNA's are coming from its frustrating and not working as a team. The flip side that I think a lot of CNA's don't see is that while THEIR duties are shared work, OURS are not. If he/she is slammed they can ask me to help clean a patient or feed them etc. If I'm slammed I can't ask them to pass my meds, hang my IV's, call the MD etc. No matter how much work I have piled on I still have to do it all and find a way to manage my time to do it because no one will do it for me...
  5. RebellescumRN

    NEW MLK Community Hospital jobs?

    Hi all, I'm interested to find out if anyone has any experience with the new MLK hospital in Los Angeles (Compton area). The only threads I can find are for the old one before it was closed down. I would love to know if anyone has worked there or even interviewed with them recently. I applied about 3 months ago actually when I was just shy of my one year and received an automated email right after I submitted the application saying I didn't meet the requirements. I moved on. Then almost two months later I received a phone call from their HR dept asking me about my experience and would I like to interview with them. The recruiter told me herself she was trying to fill 30 RN positions and she thought I would be a great fit etc etc. Told me she would call me back once she set up an interview with the hiring manager...then nothing. Haven't even been able to get ahold of anyone in the HR dept when I've called. Just wondering if anyone has successfully interviewed with them or gotten hired. I'm very curious because I've been watching the job listings for about a year and it doesn't seem like they've filled any positions if anything theres even more open RN jobs than before.
  6. RebellescumRN

    New Grad as Charge Nurse??

    Hello all, I have a question about whether any new grads (less than a year) have been made charge nurse at their facility? I currently work at a hospital that has a real problem with retention and on my med-surg unit at night we have no RN's that have been a nurse more than 3 years. Theres about 4 of us new grads (I'm 6 months in). With another one of our more experienced RN's leaving, we are running out of options for charge nurses and one of the newer nurses has already been given some charge nurse shifts. They've now started training me little things that the charge does and I sense I'll be assigned some charge shifts soon. Also at my facility the charge still gets assigned patients. On good days its 3 but they get up to 6 patients about half of the time too. My questions are: Can I say no to being charge? Can anyone whose been charge with less than 1 yr experience tell me how it went for them?
  7. RebellescumRN

    Not sure if Nursing is for me?

    New grad nurse here, I'm 6 months into my nursing career so school is still pretty fresh in my mind...I don't know what kind of classes you enjoy but i'll share my experience. I really enjoyed my prerequisites and liked taking those classes (microbiology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry etc) more than I did my time in nursing school. I honestly felt like I could have gotten my BSN completed in 3 semesters instead of 4 because everything was so drawn out which made the experience not as interesting as I thought it would be. But thats just my experience...I know a lot of my peers felt like 4 semesters wasn't enough so it depends on your learning style. In terms of how prereqs compare to nursing school courses I would say they're pretty different. However, you will spend a lot of time talking about psychology and sociology related topics especially during psych rotation, community nursing, pediatrics and leadership and management etc. So if thats something you just can't get through....nursing school might not be very enjoyable. As far as knowing whether you want to be a nurse, again I'm only 6 months in but I have days where I feel like i'm doing great work and other days where I feel like I made a huge mistake. I agree time is the only way to know.
  8. RebellescumRN

    Grad level courses before FNP?

    Hi all, I saw a post around the site where someone was asking where they could take advanced patho online prior to FNP program, (the topic is now closed) and I'm wondering if that's something that is done? It seems redundant since you would presumably still take it during the FNP program but I'm wondering if there's something I don't know... Has anyone taken graduate level courses related to FNP program to boost their application ? For example, a graduate level physio or microbiology class? I plan to apply to FNP programs next year and I'm just wondering if there's anything outside of the usual stuff that can help 🙂 Thanks!