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alisa7 has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ER.

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    Dual FNP/PMHNP

    Hi DJMatte, Thank you for the thoughtful response! Those are considerations that I was not aware of it and that will certainly help me in my decision. Your example of the mental health vs rheumatology community need is really good insight. I won't be able to find out where the "gap" is until I get to the community that I work with. And you're right, there are always CMEs and extra learning out there for when I reach that point. Thank you again, Alisa
  2. alisa7

    Dual FNP/PMHNP

    Hi all, Looking for anyone who has or is currently completing a dual FNP/PMHNP degree. My overall goal is community health/primary care as an FNP but I know how much mental health is involved so I have been considering getting dual certifications just to gain the extra background/education that PMHNP offers. My main questions: 1) Do you find that the psych NP certification helps in your primary care role? 2) Can you switch roles-- see some primary care, some mental health patients in your clinic? I think I saw some call this an "integrated clinic" ? Is it based on state regulations? 3) Do you find it difficult to maintain the minimum practice hours (1000 hours/5 years/certification)? 4) What barriers did you come across doing the dual certification? 5) Did you do one and then eventually go back to get the other certification? Any insight that you can offer, I appreciate! Thank you, Alisa
  3. alisa7

    Want to Travel Nurse, don't know where to start

    That is a lot of valuable information, thanks for the insight!
  4. alisa7

    Dual Degree- CNS/AGNP

    Hello! I'm looking to pursue a dual degree of CNS and Adult Geriatric Acute Care NP. I'm an ER nurse (BSN) in the military and looking to apply to a program where the military will pay for my CNS degree (which is how they will utilize me in the military); however, I would also like to get my Acute Care NP degree to use later outside of the military. Does anyone have a list of schools with this dual degree?? I've searched and searched with little luck. (P.S. It can't be an online degree program). Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello all, I am active duty in the military serving as a RN with BSN. I have been a nurse for 4 years: 1.5 years medsurg ward, 1 year PACU/APU, and 1.5 ER. Typically as nurse in my branch in the military, the more senior you become, the less you are at the bedside (if at all), unless you are a Nurse Practitioner, CRNA, or OR nurse. I know that I want to remain at the bedside. Strategically (in terms of my future promotions and remaining in the military), at my 6 year mark, I will need to decide if I want to pursue becoming an FNP/CNS/ACNP or if I would take one last tour as an RN and then get out and join the civilian world, continuing as an RN until I feel ready to start pursuing a Nurse Practitioner degree. I enjoy being an RN, and I know in the future I will enjoy being a Nurse Practitioner. My uncertainty comes though when I consider, "Am I being forced to "grow-up" too fast?" in terms of being a nurse. I am seeking advice from you: when did you know it was time to transition from being an RN to a Nurse Practitioner? What factors helped you decide when it was time to go back to school? Thank you in advance for your insight!