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  1. I have started a second shift at the local country prison as a correctional LPN. However something is concerning... They are requiring me to wear a groin guard, all males and females must wear one, of course cups for males and plastic guard pad for female. This is their requirement after several male and female nurses were kicked there by inmates. Some questions... Should I wear one? If so, which one should I get as a female? Ive never heard of this before in the correctional setting.
  2. FeministRN

    Possible TB Exposure?

    Hi all... I'm a little worried. I was working in a isolation unit tonight and caring for a highly contagious TB patient. My PAPR battery died while I was helping the patient change and I finished changing the patient and quickly left after I set them back down. I notified my infection control nurse and reported it, do you think I may get TB?