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  1. gemlady

    Summer 2019 Atlanta Nurse Residency

    I have interview this week.
  2. gemlady

    Wellstar RN Residency Program 2017

    How has your experience been in the new grad program? I am looking to working for Wellstar
  3. gemlady

    Associates Degree RN Nurse Residency

    I just submitted to WellStar. I will try Piedmont once applications open. For CHOA, there website says BSN strongly preferred. I will try with them once application opens just to see but with low hopes of them looking at me.
  4. gemlady

    Associates Degree RN Nurse Residency

    Thank you! I will try to apply to those two places once they open up their application for the summer start dates.
  5. gemlady

    Associates Degree RN Nurse Residency

    I am in Indiana looking to move to Georgia. I am looking to move anywhere around one hour of Atlanta.
  6. gemlady

    Gwinnett Medical Center RN residency March 2019

    I am applying for the August 2019 nurse residency. I had submitted my application and just submitted the survey. What is the open house like and how long did it take to receive job offer?
  7. gemlady

    Memorial vs. Saint Joseph?

    Memorial has trauma unit unlike St Joe
  8. Has anyone recently been accepted to a Georgia nurse residency with only an associates RN degree? If so, where? I am looking to apply for summer 2019 nurse residency programs. I would love to work for CHOA, but I don't think I will have a good chance with only associates degree.
  9. gemlady

    Demand for entry level psych NP versus psych nurses

    Apply where you do your clinicals at. I am offered a job position everyday that I do clinicals for my psych rotation.
  10. gemlady

    New grad residency

    Hi everyone, I am from Indiana. I will be graduating May 2019 with my ASN degree. I would love to work in Atlanta or the surrounding areas in NICU. I have been a tech in NICU for 2 years. What are good hospitals for NICU new grads? Do I stand a chance at being hired with only an associates degree out of Georgia? I plan to start on my BSN right away after graduation.
  11. gemlady

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    You can't apply unless you score proficient. You have to wait two years to retest. You could try a different school.
  12. gemlady

    Has anyone worked in the NICU as an CNA?

    Yes, I am a NICU tech
  13. gemlady

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    It is exhausting and overwhelming!
  14. gemlady

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Mines is the 21st. Some campuses have already been to orientation this week and received their class schedule.
  15. gemlady

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Check your emails. People have received acceptances today.