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  1. Hello to all, I am a current BSN student with 6 months left!! woohoo! Anyway, I live in a large military city with a large joint base hospital. I am weighing my options of joining the U.S. military as an officer or applying to the hospital as a GS employee. I do have a contact that can get me in at the hospital as a GS; however I do plan on moving forward with a midwifery degree soon. My main questions and concerns are as follows: *note, thank you in advance for answering my questions 🙂 * 1. As far as paid tuition is concerned; the military offers paid cont. ED funds, but as a GS employee are there any tuition/scholarships available for nurses? If so, can I please have the details of how they work and for how much? 2. I am aware that I could more than likely end up moving away from my city; which I am okay with, but is there any lead way possible for me to stay and work at the joint base hospital here? 3. I don't mean to make this so much about money but I would like information of the pay grade of military officer VS GS employee. 4. If you feel there is any other great and valuable information I could use please add it! I am here to learn!
  2. sugarbunny3

    Galen BSN 3 year program

    Hello, I'm looking for anyone who has or is going to apply for the Galen 3 year program. I have community college prerequisites I'm looking to transfer; however I'm looking to see if anyone has completed this program before.
  3. its the OLLRN thing on canvas right?
  4. well it looks like its changed since I've used it. If it says it'll notify the professor then I'm sure it will.
  5. It's a certificate and you should be able to save it as a PDF, that's what I've done in the past. It should give you the option.
  6. I found it, it's Thursday January 12th, in CHP226 8-5pm.
  7. I think The bundle is cheaper? Have you gotten an email regarding orientation?
  8. I've taken a government class online so i already have mine. if you've taken an online course you should have it.
  9. They told me to speak with the nursing department on why there are 3 charges. I plan to go there Monday. So far i don't know if its an accident or if they increased the special tuition fees. Have you made your first payment? FAFSA covered all of mine but you have to make the first payment by tomorrow or the classes will be dropped.
  10. I went to the school that's not it, they put in three $350 charges instead of two.
  11. I'm registered now, however the special tuition charge is $1,050.00 and that not correct.
  12. I'm not registered yet
  13. Hey check your aces and see if you're registered for classes.
  14. just tuition. The other stuff and supplies is around 2,800
  15. Okay, so I think the prices went up this semester but I believe the cost might be around $1,400- $1,800
  16. i might be able to help you calculate your tuition. Do you have all the pre reqs or no?