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  1. What do you wish you had known?

    I wish I knew how to make study groups (and studying, honestly) effective from the get-go. To me, study groups should basically just be a SMALL (4 people max, in my opinion) group of people going over an outline, main concepts, and working some case ...
  2. Program Switching to Concept-Based

    Hey guys, I'm starting my final semester in an ADN program next week. I did very well last semester so I've been feeling pretty confident all summer after reviewing periodically. Today our calendar was released, which contains the unit lecture titles...
  3. Maternity Class

    Great to see I'm not alone! Haha. Our professor is great - she is one of my favorites out of all I've ever had - but it just doesn't interest me that much. Had the last clinical for it today, though, and the final on Thursday.
  4. Maternity Class

    Any other guys hate maternity class? I feel like an alien in there - like I don't know what's going on at all. I've got a solid B, but the whole thing is so uninteresting to me that I'm having trouble forcing myself to study for it now that the end o...
  5. Is nursing school and the clinicals really that tough?

    BookishBelle, I've always been a straight-A student as well, and it took until finals week of my first semester to get over that. It sucks, but I just remind myself that it's actually hard and it will all be okay.
  6. Is nursing school and the clinicals really that tough?

    Nursing school has definitely been tougher than the rest of my academic career, but it also isn't as difficult as some have told me (just my opinion). There are people in my cohort who live, breathe, and eat nursing school - those are the type that t...
  7. Starting the Program in January

    Hey yepooda, Merry Christmas! It's good to see someone else from the cohort on here. That orientation left me a little more confused than I was beforehand, but I think (as others have already stated here) that our military experience will lend itself...
  8. Starting the Program in January

    Thanks for the advice and well wishes, everyone! Lots of great thoughts have been laid out on here. I am pretty stoked; we have our orientation in six days. MuffinMan, I'm going to have to actively work on that... because it's how I usually mess thi...
  9. Starting the Program in January

    Hey guys just wanted to give a brief introduction; I've been reading through the forums on and off for a while, but decided to finally make an account. I'm a 24 year-old USMC vet living in Fredericksburg, Virginia and will be starting the RN program ...
  10. How I Got a 97.3% on My TEAS VI.

    Great summary! I took a similar approach, but not necessarily by choice. I screwed around this summer (drank way too much) and got a D in an English course because I didn't do all the assignments. Dropped my GPA to a 3.5, and the program I was planni...
  11. Germanna Community College

    Jesusgirl15, one of my study buddies applied to the program in the spring and was sent a letter informing her that she had not been accepted. When she reached out to the program (I can't remember whether it was by phone or email) she was told why.
  12. Germanna Community College

    Well, what was your advising session like? Do you live in one of the priority counties? How much of the Allied Health Science program did you complete? What is your GPA? What is your Science GPA? What were your TEAS scores? I have no clue why my let...
  13. Germanna Community College

    The letter is dated November 17th. I left the area on the 16th to hike in the Smokies for a week, so I just saw it this morning.
  14. Germanna Community College

    I applied for Spring '17 and got an acceptance letter in the mail. Still haven't received an email though. TEAS overall: 97th percentile, English: 94 percent, Math 94 percent, Science 75 percent, Reading Comprehension 97 percent. 3.5 GPA. 3.85 Scienc...