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  1. I just heard from the recruiter at Hahnemann that the pay rate for nurses that receive their RN in 2018 is $32/hr. +15% for nights, +$2 for weekends.
  2. Dana27

    Holy Family (2nd degree) Accelerated Nursing

    I emailed the program to ask, and here's what I found out: "The first classes begin on Monday, May 15th and the order of the courses should the same as that listed on the Spring fact sheet. (A sheet for summer has not yet been developed). There will be an Orientation Session held in March or April, covering all of the details you will need to know before starting the program in May. As soon as a date is confirmed for the Orientation, I will send you a save the date. " This is not quite enough info for my liking, but it's better than nothing. I have to plan out when to leave my job and find an apartment in Philly (I live and work in NY currently).
  3. Dana27

    Holy Family (2nd degree) Accelerated Nursing

    Summer '17, starting in May? I'm in. Also trying to find out more info- I don't even know when in May the program starts.

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