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  1. xohhelloox

    Recent DUI & Job Offer

    Hi everyone I’m from California. I made a huge mistake and ended up with a DUI in June 2019 - that was reduced to a wet and reckless. No one was involved except me and it was way out of work hours after a night of hanging out with friends and drinking. I have NEVER been under the influence when at work and never would be because I love what I do and would not put any patients or staff at risk. I was a new grad that graduated Dec 2018 and already had a job at a sub acute that I started a month before the accident. I have learned from this experience and will never do anything like this again. I have still been applying for jobs and recently got offered a position at a PICU. It’s not my ideal location from where I currently live, but my dream to work on a pediatrics floor! I plan to accept, but my only concern is that my DUI is recent. The nurse manager gave me the option to start later if I need more time with relocating and getting myself together. I plan to let them know about starting sometime in June if possible after I hit my one year and to give myself time. Do you think they might rescind the offer once the background check comes around? I plan on being open and explain myself while I also have letters from friends and a coworker about my character. Also I plan on disclosing the DUI to my current boss who is familiar with my good work ethic and asking him to write a letter. The BRN is still working on my case but will likely just charge me a fine. I also plan on asking my lawyer about expungement or petitioning. Any other advice on what I can do to be able to go through with this offer? I’m really nervous and want to be able to work this job.
  2. xohhelloox

    CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    Just had my speed interview with the PICU today. I heard back on April 22, 2019, to schedule the interview, but I requested for a video/online option which is why it was much earlier. They said we should hear back for the second round of interviews by the end of next week and 8 people will be selected for the unit ahhhh.
  3. xohhelloox

    SF State Nursing Program, Spring 2017

    I went to the nursing department and asked because I wasn't absolutely sure either. They said that they will hand out schedules day of, so we don't have to worry about registration or out registration dates overall.
  4. xohhelloox

    SF State Nursing Program, Spring 2017

    I really wish I found this forum earlier before the entire process! It would have probably helped reassure me since I didn't know anyone applying. A lot of the people that I did know at school switched majors. Anyways, I also got the acceptance email recently, so I'm really looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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