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  1. PNP to FNP

    Thanks. Really appreciate your comment
  2. PNP to FNP

    Ugh. Thanks.
  3. PNP to FNP

    Agree. Just wondering if there is a post NP certification available to go from PNP the FNP. Just wondering if anyone has done this and what is required - course work and clinical requirements.
  4. PNP to FNP

    What would be the requirements/process for a current PNP to be eligible sit for an FNP boards? Anyone have experience with this? We have an excellent PNP working with a specific population with a chronic illness that is now living into adulthood. &...
  5. Trouble Getting a New NP Job in Boston

    Do you have previous psych experience as an RN? This seems to be a requirement to be competitive for most jobs in the Boston area. The FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Centers) often hire grads with no PMHNP experience. Have you tried hospital ba...
  6. FNP to PMHNP

    NPFLio - bummer! Sixty days seems like forever but it will be here soon. -An MD friend failed a pediatric subspecialty board and has to wait 2 years to retake!
  7. No Jobs For New Grads Despite RN Time?!

    Hi KDawnz- I worked in an academic medical center in a beautiful rural area that has posted NP positions. I cannot email you because I have not posted in awhile. PM me if you want more information.
  8. Boston NP programs?!

    I work with a nurse who recently graduated from Boston College (BC) PMHNP program (RN to PMHNP) who was happy with the experience and graduated well prepared for practice. Multiple job offers. BC guarantees preceptors/clinical placements. Great r...
  9. First time ON-CALL and freaking out a bit!

    Hi Libby 1987 you asked specifics about how to manage call - attending church or a movie - sit in the aisle seat near the back so you can exit quickly to take a call with minimal disruption to others. Remember when you put your phone on vibrate ...