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  1. msb6ec

    Circulating nurse

    I agree with previous comment. You should search. I will tell you it is challenging but awesome. It takes atleast 6 months to feel somewhat comfortable and you will continue learning daily . Sometimes you have to overlook staff or surgeon attitudes or comments. It can get intense in certain situations. It will help you a lot if you learn AORN standards and recommended practices. Always think ahead and anticipate what your surgeon or staff may need next.
  2. msb6ec

    Will my personality work will in the OR?

    You can be quiet or nice. I work with some really nice people but also see other personalities . The main thing in OR is that you have to learn to speak up for your patient and be a patient advocate. Sometimes that might mean speaking up to surgeon or any of the staff . And you can't take things said to heart. It can get intense at times.
  3. I am a OR nurse and have been for 9 years but when I was hired I didn't have any OR experience. It takes atleast 6 months to train as circulator but longer than that to feel comfortable . I work with two nurses that still have to ask me questions or ask for help and have trained over a year. Keep your head up and try not to take things too personal. Things can get intense in the operating room. I think it's best to have one main preceptor so they can keep up with what you have been taught or not. The surgeons I work with and the staff love that I pay attention and think ahead . It takes time but just try always thinking ahead. You will learn everyday. Keeping notes is good. Also you should be able to look at the preference cards for tips for every case. Best of luck to you. I've been a nurse 18 years and OR is the best.
  4. I am getting ready to start the RNFA program with NIFA and would like some suggestions before I purchase the required books. If any of you went through this program did you buy the books new with the online extra learning or just buy them used? Is Amazon the best route to purchase ?

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