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  1. Tips with NJ BON?

    Please keep us updated. Submitted application early September.
  2. Drexel online RN to BSN

    Hey! The program is amazing. The administration and professors do everything they can to make sure you succeed and the curriculum/coursework is manageable with a full time job. The only thing I have to say is that it’s important to be organized and w...
  3. Drexel online RN to BSN

    Hello, I'm currently enrolled in the Drexel online RN-BSN program. There are two professors that either don't have any reviews or mixed reviews, Scott Alcott and Pamela McGee, that I'm looking to get some advice about. I need to pick up the pace if I...
  4. Stressing over grades for acceptance

    College of Staten Island
  5. I've been stressing a lot about my grades and wanted some advice on if I have a good chance of making the program at my school. I currently stand with a 3.5 pre-requisite GPA for the program and a 137 composite (92nd percentile) on my NLN. The only p...