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    Personal Medical Records

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you can factually weigh in on this scenario. Several months when I worked in the role of a nurse supervisor another nurse made an allegation that I had asked her to steal a non-narcotic medication - zofran. What had happened was that another nurse from another unit was sick, uninsured, and too broke to go home or to go and see a physician. I had asked her, being new to the state and the facility, if she had any idea how to help and that all this girl probably needed was some zofran. I was placed on a paid suspension - which apparently in this state requires reporting to the board. Given that it was her perception of the situation and the fact that no medication was ever taken out nothing further happened, though I resigned. The board of nursing forwarded me copies of those events and asked for a statement that I had sent. Today I got "additional information to which you may chose to respond" which included a detailed account of every script I had filled for two years back - I am on ADHD meds, thus scheduled. A. HOW!? Is this legal for the board of nursing to somehow have access to my medical records from two different states? B. What could they possibly want to achieve with this? I had always gone to a single provider, there is no variation in my records and ... basically everything is the way it is supposed to be ... so what does this even mean?

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