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  1. mt218

    Albany State University Bridge Fall 2017

    Hey everyone! I got into the bridge for this fall! Can't wait to meet everyone! Maybe we can work out a car pool. Seems like everyone is coming from a long way off. Im in Gray, Ga. 2 hours away
  2. mt218

    What is most stressful about aesthetic nursing?

    RuralNurseRN, I am interested to know why you are considering such a drastic career change? I have sort of fallen into aesthetics myself. I graduated with my LPN in December of 2015, so I am quite new. One of my professors helped me land a job in a Medical Spa as an "injectors assistant". I had no idea what this field even consisted of, but I accepted because I desperately needed income. I am so glad that I did, because 7 months later I still LOVE going to work. As an LPN I am currently limited in my practice. The FNPC I work for has trained me to do sclerotherapy for cosmetic spider veins, and is paying for me to get my laser license. To answer you questions, the most stressful part of my job is patient load. The office I work in is always very busy. For your second question, this field could not be more different from standard nursing care. I do not feel like a nurse most days. You never encounter sick patients , and the closest thing to an event is the occasional vasovagal. I feel that aesthetics can be a "breath of fresh air" for seasoned nurses. There is a HUGE learning curve, especially for injectors. Botox and fillers require an artful eye. We have all seen the aftermath of too much lip filler! I think that the biggest con for this field is boredom. As much as I love my job, I do plan to begin more clinical work when I get my RN. If you are someone who is "Burned out" already, this may be a wonderful career change for you.
  3. mt218

    I hate nursing

    Neezy, I am very sad to hear about all of the stress you are under. No one deserves to live that way. I understand that you have invested a HUGE amount of time and effort into this field of work, however you are not obligated to stay. From what I understand after reading your post, you have experienced trauma in the workplace and you need to seek help for your anxiety as well. I am a very new LPN myself, and I am currently pursuing my RN. I cannot say for sure that I would continue on this route if I felt as unhappy in nursing as you do! There are many different routes in nursing. It may benefit you to apply for other positions that are a change from bedside care. For Example, I work in aesthetic nursing. In fact, I would hardly call what I do nursing, I never see a sick patient. The medical spa I work in specializes in cosmetic laser, botox, fillers ect. I also work PRN in a outpatient surgery clinic. I LOVE my work in both of these positions because of the environment and supportive staff. Have you ever considered a doctors office setting with regular hours and co-workers? Neezy, I wish you the very best in life. Always remember that we are all responsible for our own happiness. I hope that you will find contentment in your work very soon.