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  1. Lisa2.0

    Worst Class

    What has been your worst or most challenging class?
  2. I feel your pain....I also work in school health and I can relate to this ongoing ignorance! Sigh.....
  3. Lisa2.0

    Accelerated BSN Clinicals

    True, but even 2 into 1 is a lot! I'm not so much concerned with the studying and subject matter learning, as I am a good student and have been in healthcare for 28 years. So this is expanding on many concepts that I am already very familiar with. I am more concerned about actually getting to put into practice what I am learning. But you have given me a direction in which to look. I'm going to call the advisor today and ask some specific questions about the clinicals. Thank you.
  4. Lisa2.0

    Accelerated BSN Clinicals

    As I'm preparing for fall classes to begin, I'm still unsure what to expect from the clinical aspect of this program. Being that it is accelerated, to what degree will clinicals be a factor? Cramming 4 years into 1 is a bit daunting. Will we have enough hands on to pass NCLEX? For those of you who have experience with accelerated BSN, what is a typical clinical experience like? What types of hands on work will we be doing? Will we be working basic care, CNA type responsibilities or will we have actual RN and admin type experience?
  5. Lisa2.0

    My Phobia

    So I am prepped in starting an Accelerated BSN in fall. I have a lifetime (28 years) experience as a Pediatric Medical Assistant. My current BS is in Public Health. Here is my dilemma. I have a serious phobia about fecal matter (Especally C Diff) and dead bodies. My end goal is to either continue in Public Health Nursing or to go on to get a CPNP. Pediatrics is my field I want to stay in either way. That said, during clinicals, what should I expect my "hands on" experience will be in regards to my two issues. I don't want them to hold me back from my end goals.
  6. Lisa2.0

    Clinical vs. Practicum

    What is the difference between a Clinical and a Practicum?
  7. Lisa2.0

    MA to BSN Advice, counsel, thoughts....

    Oh, I by no means meant administration as in hospital/LTC settings over other nurses. I meant in Public Health...policy, programming etc. which is what I do now. And as for the peds/adult issue, I have no fear of my abilities in dealing with the health needs of children. I am absolutely 100% confident in working peds. I am definitely not looking for any sort of "plush" job.
  8. Lisa2.0

    Was told to consider not being a nurse?

    WOW...so much is wrong in this scenerio. As a student, giving your first injection, I would expect you to be nervous. You pricked yourself. Also, not uncommon and no big deal. BUT....you need to listen to yourself. If something feels wrong....giving the injection after poking yourself.....STOP. Don't continue until you have a clear idea of what is expected. I think on some level you did that and the preceptor misguided you. NOT YOUR FAULT! She should have corrected your procedure and did not. Next time it happens, and it will, it's ok to question procedure if it is not following protocol. At the end of the day, when you are nurse, it is YOUR license on the line when mistakes happen. YOU have to be the one confident in what you are doing. That preceptor should have been disciplined. As for you, accidents happen. It's all part of the process. Even seasoned nurses make mistakes. Learn from the experience and move on.
  9. Hello all, I just joined because I will be starting the fall cohort at Baldwin Wallace ABSN in Ohio. I have been a Medical Assistant in pediatrics for 28 years and I will have a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Kent this coming spring. (2 classes left). So, my education and work experience has always been in healthcare....and I've always intended to get my RN, life just never lent itself to this until now. (recently divorced and my kids are all grown and on their own) For the past few months I've been agonizing over whether to do a masters program of some sorts, or to get my RN. I narrowed it down to either PA school or taking a path to get CNP. I decided to go the later route because my heart is and always has been in nursing. I just don't feel the same respect and draw for the PA field. One of my professors also had a lot to do with my final decision. Since I've worked in a public health related field for so many years (private practice and then school health), and I enjoy the public health education field, if I get my RN and decided to stop, I can continue on as a public health nurse at a higher level. IDK why, but I am incredibly nervous about this. I'm overwhelmed at the idea of clinicals mostly because I know I do not want to work bedside. If I work public health it is in more of an educational, advisory role. If I go on to CNP it is in more of a health provider role. Diagnosing and treating outside of the hospital/care setting. Don't get me wrong, I think bedside, long term care, ER, ICU etc nurses are phenominal....it is just not for me. I don't think I personally have what it takes to be a hands on nurse. I don't want that level of responsibility. If need be, I could handle peds because it is what I am familiar with. I currently do basic physical care such as G-tube, caths, seizure control, diabetes management, etc. Nothing incredibly involved. And I'm ok with that. As an RN I would be ok expanding bedside nursing skills because children do not intimidate me. Adults, thats another story. Even just typing this I feel like a failure. But that is my reality. I want to work in an RN capacity, just not at bedside. Please don't slay me for this. Help me to be the best nurse I can be outside of that scope of practice. Any advice, counsel, thoughts you have on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

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