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  1. shy1490

    NYU ABSN Fall 2017

    How soon do you get an email from NYU with your Net/University ID in order to check your status of your application on Albert? I just recently submitted my online application and haven't received an email with the ID information. I only received an email stating that my application was successfully submitted.
  2. shy1490

    NYU ABSN Fall 2017

    @nem90 Hi! I also applied for the Fall 2017 cohort and am from California. I was wondering how you travel back and forth from clinicals. Do you need a car or do you use other means of transportation such as the subway?
  3. shy1490

    University of Rochester ABPNN May 2017

    Hi! I also applied in early October and interviewed a few weeks ago. I was also told that we wouldn't hear back until about 12 weeks before the program starts not until February.

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