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  1. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience! It definitely makes me feel better about my whole situation. I've been taking all of your advice taking notes and doing my "homework" outside of work. Things are looking up and I'm starting to see light in my situation. I ran a room all by myself the other day and I was amazed by what I knew when I was alone with little help... It's like I didn't know I had that knowledge in me haha. Thank you guys so much for your words of encouragement!
  2. Thank you Scrubulator for your kind word of encouragement! Sometimes it so hard not to feel isolated in your feelings. I am glad that we have this online community here to come to. Is there anything that you specifically did as a new grad to develop that skill of anticipation in the OR?
  3. Thank for your response and advice. I really appreciate it. Coming in I was told that we would have one year of training but the expectations are kind of shaky. At one point the manager has told me that she really doesn't expect us to function independently for a whole year and at another point she has asked us if we could be expected to run a room by ourselves in a month or so (which makes me nervous). So I am not quite sure what their expectation are because we are getting contradicting messages. As far as preceptors I have a different preceptor everyday, which has both positive and negative aspects. During a case I usually take notes and then when I get home I add anything additional by studying the Alexander Surgery book. Is there anything specifically that you recommend as far as homework? TIA
  4. Hello Everyone! Thanks to everyone in advance for your response. So I have been working as a New Grad RN in the OR for about 3.5 months. At first I was super psyched about the position and well now... I am starting to feel super discouraged. I feel like I am not catching onto things as fast as I would like to and I get this weird vibe that the senior staff notice that I am not. I feel as if they compare me to the others that were hired on with me, whom have experience as an RN ranging from 8 months to 10 years (I am the only "fresh new grad" that was hired). Sometimes I receive snarky remarks such as "they really shouldn't hire new grads into the OR." Anyways, on top of all that management seems anxious to get us to be on our own. I am at a lost as to what to do? I take notes on surgeon preferences, room setup, etc. But I just don't know... somethings are just not clicking with me. Somedays I honestly question if I am cut out for the OR. It makes me sad because I had a great outlook coming in but now it is starting to dwindle. To those of you experienced OR nurses... is it normal to feel this way? At what point should I be proficient at things? At what point were you able to run a room by yourself? Also any words of encouragement are welcomed (and very much needed ) Thank you!

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