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  1. ADJ2016

    Midwife Jobs Abroad

    I want to relocate to central or south america. Does anyone have experience with transferring a midwife license from USA to Central or South American countries?
  2. ADJ2016

    How are you using your CNM or WHNP license?

    I have both. I was a whnp for 7 years then went back for my cnm. The whnp is more gyn focused and the cnm is more OB focused. Once you are a cnm, get gyn experience and won't need a whnp technically. You can deliver babies with the cnm. I'm in dfw and here there is no dual degree program. People either want a cnm or whnp but you can get a whnp job as a cnm. Just go to Texas tech for the cnm and once done get lots of gyn experience. ps: once you go birth center it's hard to go back
  3. ADJ2016

    Denied Hospital Privileges

    That's a good idea. I could go with a hospital grade company to see what is being said.
  4. ADJ2016

    Denied Hospital Privileges

    I did. I called HR and the said they give start/end date then eligible for rehire. I contacted managers and the ones I could contact deny involvement. I have another offer with a different hospital. How do I prevent this from happening again?
  5. ADJ2016

    Denied Hospital Privileges

    I moved to the state of Illinois to take a nurse midwife position. I moved at my own expense for the sole purpose of taking the midwife job offered. I worked a little over a week and the hospital told me my former employer gave me a negative review. They said I would not be successful at the credentialing committee and should resign. Yes, they allowed me to start work before credentialing me fully. I gave them 8 positive references. I have never had a disciplinary action on my license or been to HR at any job for a disciplinary action. I was not allowed to know which hospital gave me a bad reference or the detail of the reference. Basically, I paid my money to relocate, purchased a home, and now I have no job to support my family. I have spoken to a few attorneys and all agree it sounds strange but site that Illinois is a right to hire/right to fire state. It seems like this is defamation of character from my former employer and denial of due process from this position that denied me privileges What do I do?

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