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  1. RPN_student

    Centennial Flex Nursing 2018

    It is best to confirm with the school. I do believe it will be semester 2 when you start your clinical.
  2. RPN_student

    Academic upgrading

    Seneca's program has a LOT of problems and they are trying to change it. and I would not only focus on one school only.
  3. RPN_student

    Centennial College Flex Rpn Fall 2018

    Yes you can work while in the flex at Centennial.
  4. RPN_student

    Academic upgrading

    Can I ask why do you want to apply only to Seneca? Seneca's part time nursing program is garbage and you should aim to apply to any college that would accept you no only Seneca.
  5. RPN_student

    Academic upgrading

    Can I ask why do you want to apply only to Seneca? Seneca's nursing program is not that great why would you not consider any college that would accept you after you have done your upgrading?
  6. RPN_student

    RPN to RN Bridging - Don't have high enough GPA

    Have you considered specializing as a RPN that may help raise your GPA. Also, which school did you graduate from do they have any academic upgrading available retaking courses in which you got a low mark. Also look into Athabasca.
  7. RPN_student

    Centennial College Flex Rpn Fall 2018

    Centennial is known to have one of the best nursing programs around so you should be proud that you were accepted. Work hard and you can do it.
  8. RPN_student

    Seneca Rpn

    They are making reference to Seneca's part time program which is completely different from King.
  9. Georgian has a better nursing program so that most likely would be your best bet.
  10. Both colleges are good but I know for a fact that Georgian college has one of the best nursing labs it is state of the art all new- Barrie location. Try to get feedback from people who are in the programs that will give you a feel for what it will be like and you can make your decision. Best of luck.
  11. RPN_student

    RPN to RN

    Have you considered doing an RPN specialty certificate then applying to RN at Nississing or UOIT or you could even ask Centennial if they would take into account a RPN specialty GPA in addition. Look into Centennial's Hybrid program. Another option since you are already in Athabasca I am assuming you have completed year one just work at finishing up. If you think you can do Athabasca then stick it out.
  12. From Centennials website even if you upgrade you will most likely not be accepted since you have repeated courses on your transcript. Perhaps, look at other schools and contact them. Academic Requirements College diploma in practical nursing with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher (B average) No repeated courses or failures on academic transcript Note: To be eligible for admission to Ryerson University, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher with no course repeats or failures in this program (9251). Additional Requirements For Registered Practical Nurses Transcripts from a community college diploma program (inclusion of courses in anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology) are required Proof of current certificate of registration in Ontario Clinical Placement Requirements After admission, but prior to Clinical Placement, students require: Annual clear police check with vulnerable sector screening Completion of immunization requirements (immunization review form issued by the program coordinator) Successful completion and annual renewal of a recognized course in CPR (Healthcare provider level) Successful completion of a recognized course in standard first aid (recommended for RPNs who have not practiced within the last three years) Mask fit testing will be provided by Centennial College (shaving of portions of face may be required to meet safety standards) All of the above requirements must be in effect for the duration of each placement.
  13. RPN_student

    What is nursing like in Toronto?

    Dishes, I agree but I do work with foreign trained nurses who had to endure a difficult process and they decided to go back to school for one reason or another perhaps it was to gain confidence in order to practice in Ontario. I know that coming to Ontario as a foreign trained nurse or any profession is not easy. The one that is back in school now is a wonderful person and I wish her the very best and this is what she has shared with me she has 8 years experience as a nurses from back home and they did not accept that experience she decided to go back to school when she came to Ontario she is now finishing up in the mean time she just works in the healthcare setting gaining experience. Her goal is to work as a nurse in Ontario.
  14. RPN_student

    What is nursing like in Toronto?

    I work with a foreign trained nurse whose 8 years of experience and education has not helped at all she is consistently asked about Canadian experience and education so she had to go back to school to get Canadian education behind her and is working on finding a job.
  15. RPN_student

    What is nursing like in Toronto?

    Unfortunately nothing you can do to stand out. All who are seeking employment are in the same category and perhaps priority may go to locally trained nurses who are seeking employment. Nursing has become difficult.