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  1. Haliejolea2012

    Refresher or NCLEX Prep?

    Good afternoon, all! Trying to get back into nursing after 3 years away. I would love everyone's professional opipnion on whether an online refresher course OR a NCLEX intensive test-prep program would be the best route to getting my nursing knowledge back up to par. I really appreciate any and all advice. BACKGROUND: I graduated with my RN December, 2012. Passed my boards, and then moved to Japan the next day (we are a military family). I have had both of my children since graduation, and have not worked.
  2. Haliejolea2012

    Nursing + Homeschool?

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply and give advice -- I greatly appreciate it! My children are 1 & 3, and I'm exploring the best way to get back into nursing, while remaining a "stay at home" mom & homeschooling. I have a seperate post for this question, but didn't get any responses. Would it be more helpful for me to take a refresher course, or an intensive NCLEX review to get my nursing knowledge back up to par?
  3. Haliejolea2012

    Nursing + Homeschool?

    Do any parents work full-time/part-time/PRN while homeschooling their children? Homeschool is definitely something I want to explore with my girls, but I would also like to work either part-time or PRN night shifts to keep my skills current.
  4. Haliejolea2012

    Looking to get back into nursing!

    Good afternoon all, I am looking to get back into Nursing after 3 years away, and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for online refresher programs? My license is active, but after two babies, my brain needs major rejuvenation. I am looking to volunteer 1-2 nights a week, and after building up plenty of experience, I'm hoping someone will be desperate enough to hire me on PRN so that I am still able to homeschool my children. I am perfectly fine paying for an online course, anything that will help me get my nursing knowledge back up to par. Thank you all!

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