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  1. Hi! I'm a 28 year old in Connecticut who is looking for a career change. I can't relocate due to kids/husband/etc and I kind of need to keep my job at the moment because we are paying for two mortgages. I graduated with a 2.95 GPA in psychology 6 years ago because I had no idea how to study or be an adult and was a hot mess! I'm a couple courses away from a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology with a 3.7 GPA. I have stopped taking classes for the last couple of years because I realized it wasn't what I wanted to pursue. I was looking into taking A&P and possibly some other prereqs through straighterline. Eventually, I'm considering some different options once I've completed my prereqs, including the Gateway community college RN program (and then work towards a BSN from there) or the BSN program at SCSU. My question to you is what do you guys think is the best route for me to take? I'm not sure if straighterline would be the best way to go, but it fits much better with my schedule! I also am not 100% sure where to apply and where I would be accepted. Thank you in advance for your advice!

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