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  1. Verene, Thank you so much for replying. It made me realize that I am doing more than I thought I was. It also is helping me to see some area's that I need to be aware of and that I can improve. I am copying this down and taking it to work with me so I can keep it in the forefront of my mind as I work with clients. Again, thank you for replying and sharing your expertise.
  2. Greetings, I need some information. What are you doing when you are on the floor with your patients? I work in a acute psychiatric facility. I do the admission process. Ask how they are, sleep, any problems with meds, goals for discharge. I am assessing them i.e. mood, thought etc but I feel like I am missing the boat. I don't really feel like I am "helping" them. Its like this intangible thing that I'm not meeting. My background has been hospital for 17 year so psych is so different. Ive been doing this acute now for a little over 1 1/2 years. Does anyone have insight or suggestions/experience to share? I would appreciate it, alwayslearning
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    Imminent danger

    Greetings Fellow Nurses, I'm relatively new to nursing in a Psychiatric Evaluation and treatment facility. We have the ability to give Emergency Medications (EMEDS) but you have to be able to justify "imminent danger" What things do you note that justify imminent danger? Do I have to literally wait until someone puts hands on another client or staff? We had a client that had been progressively getting more agitated and he would jump up with his fist balled up by his chest, yelling, threatening, staring at staff. He tried knocking medication out of the med nurse hand and hit her hand. When that is happening that can be so scary for staff. That feels so powerless as a staff member who can't make the decision to emed someone. I make the decision to emed and after a long time of this its wearing for everyone. I feel so bad for my staff who are out on the floor the whole time. I feel bad for the agitated ckient who has been that way for days and getting worse. Regardless, I need some help with determining imminent danger. Thank you for your thoughts. alwayslearnin