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    Arizona College

    Thank you. No need to be sorry. Cut and dried has a price apparently. One thing I've learned is, I am a nurse by heart in the way that I can problem solve and this is just a temporary road block. It's also taught me a bit about this profession overall. Yet, this will not stop me. Hopefully this serves to help you and others. Find a reputable school with tenure. There's no short cuts in nursing, even if you pat through the nose in fees. I rushed into because of my age kind of knowing they were new and there were signs but I was in it to deep to turn back. Use your critical thinking on this one and all the programs.. Never second guess yourself like I've done but have worked on it the last 5 mos. You're gut is usually spot on! Listen to it! Take care, Paula
  2. Pdub69

    Arizona College

    Do not do it. Ask them how many students were failed from December 2017 to April 2018 for a case study or a discussion question not answered. If they think you will fail at the boards or you do not have enough financial aid, you will be dismissed before you finish the nursing program. I spent 2 years and did all my gen education there and earned 70ish credits. Most gen ed teachers are kind. It's the nursing staff who will cause the most harm and confusion. You can't ask a question without getting the low brow. It was a waste and students deserve more. At the time they also lied about their credentials. It looks like now they have their CCNE accreditation. Still, it doesn't change how rotten they are. When everyone was kicked out, we have a case per an attorney. There was not enough students who would come forward to substantiate a claim. Clinical instructors will set you up to fail. I did not persue anything for the care I have for the students there currently. I pray no one goes through what I believe is the absolute worst nightmare to go through. They did not follow their own handbook rules to dismiss a student, teachers and the dean become your teacher so many did not want to complain and couldn't. What I know now is they are playing catch up, saving as many students as they can by giving students answers on exams as they know students do not perform well on tests and they are fully aware they use test banks. There is a plethora of evidence, emails, I have my clinical instructor at my midterm beratting me for doing too many cna duties, then laughing and saying how good looking my husband is when he dropped my lunch off. She was absolutely nuts. Luckily, another nurse heard her and saw me crying, so there's more proof. In the end, this instructor said my case study of 20 pages was not in APA, yet the English teacher I took it prior to submitting and confirmed I was good because I just knew this would be the outcome. They dismissed me through email the night before winter break with a year left. For 2 weeks I heard nothing. They never formally dismissed me but decided not to challenge them and not return. There mediation process is a joke and most wasted their time trying. They wanted me and others gone, plain and simple. Additionally, It ruined my Christmas and New Years; this I will never forgive. Sadly, I actually cannot transfer any of these gen ed credits anywhere. They exhausted what little I had left in financial aid. They knew exactly what they were doing. Again, I have plenty of copies of emails the staff sent students and it is pretty telling that I was not alone. Good luck to you. I say stick with a public school like Nevada State. It's taking a chance on a product that might fail in the end. Seriously, do not waste your time. As a born and raised Las Vegas person, if they continue to hurt our community by robbing them of their financial aid and playing their games; I will have no choice but to pursue this further. I just pray the sweet girls I attended with will finish and hopefully the school learned something by this as well. I will never forgive what the dean, advisors, clinical instructors, and the nursing teachers and the clinical instructor did to myself and others but I am a person with a lot to give to the community and I intend to problem solve and find a better solution to finish somewhere else. In hindsight, it's a blessing I was let go. I do not think I could have continued on with such chaos and disorganization. Good luck to you. If you're a favorite, you may do well. If you have a lot of financial aid, you may do well. If you don't challenge what you perceive as wrong, you'll do well. If you get very high grades and testing is not an issue, you might do well. I've never been vocal about this but I would hate to see another person, waste a great deal of time and money to be left with sadness and nothing. Be well, Paula Wallace