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  1. How do you manage pain in infants with chest tubes? I have an infant on nasal cannula now, after being vented, but has had a chest tube for four days now. We gave fentanyl prn when intubated, but now when asked for some kind of pain medication the physician, the physicians say baby is irritable because he is hungry. I agree tha's part of it, but I think pain is a big part of it.
  2. dopeyrn

    do people say this to you?

    I've heard this often. I just say that nursing is a wonderful profession, as there's a place for everyone. If NICU is not your choice, there are many other areas to try.
  3. dopeyrn

    PICC line certification

    Our unit is interested in our nurses learning to insert picc lines in our neonates. Does anyone know of any insertion and certification classes. We are located in the Chicago area? Thanks

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