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  1. Patty0102

    Chabot, Merritt, Ohlone Fall 2017

    They're on #13 as of Friday! Does anyone know if they call on weekends or holidays?
  2. Patty0102

    Chabot Nursing Alternate 2017

    I'm alternate #15! I didn't know you could call and check!
  3. Patty0102

    Chabot Nursing Alternate 2017

    I was selected as an alternate for Chabot's nursing program this semester, I was wondering if anyone else on the alternate list has been contacted, and if so, what number they are
  4. Patty0102


    I recently took my ATI Teas exam and did TERRIBLY on the test. I have a high GPA and I've done well on all my exams throughout college. I felt like I waited too long to take it and started studying less/getting frustrated. I usually study a week in advance for exams, so the informations fresh before I take the exam. I'm going to sign up to take it again. I used the ATI book and another one from amazon. Does anyone have any websites or suggestions on how to study? I'm a little embarrassed, I got a 76. My score has really discouraged me, I was really disappointed when I got it ,so I'm hoping to score much higher the second time around. I'm planning on reviewing only the ATI teas book before I retest and purchasing the ATI practice tests again.