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  1. rmjmv

    Denver College of Nursing July 2019 Cohort

    I got an invite too! So exciting. Happy for you all!
  2. rmjmv

    Denver College of Nursing July 2019 Cohort

    you should look into the Glendale area. There is a lot of apartment options and the light rail is near so you can commute downtown.
  3. rmjmv

    Denver College of Nursing July 2019 Cohort

    Hey guys! I applied for this start date as well. I have a 3.39 cumulative GPA and a 3.81 prereq GPA. I have worked as a medical assistant for the past 4 years. I am SO anxious to hear back. Does anybody know how many students they accept each start date?
  4. rmjmv

    ADN vs BSN - colorado?

    Hi! this is my first time posting on this forum. I am pursuing my nursing degree and am starting Spring 2017. I am doing my pre-reqs at my local community college. I was just faced with the question wether I should go for my BSN or do my ADN? Im currently a medical assistant a the community hospital and work full time. I know there's topics like this within the website, but does anybody have any insight on nursing in Colorado? Or just in general of what is most worth it to me.

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