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  1. cartyl92

    Denver School of Nursing, July 2017 cohort

    Thank you! Usually it takes up to 6 weeks until they notify you. I'm start in July.
  2. cartyl92

    Denver School of Nursing, July 2017 cohort

    Hi, I applied and got accepted. I'm from Houston Texas! I am looking forward to meet you guys.
  3. cartyl92

    Denver School of Nursing, July 2017 cohort

    I got an email as well! í ½í¹‚ Hopefully we can get to know each other before July!
  4. cartyl92

    Denver School of Nursing April 2017 cohort

    Hi amacarmona, I recently applied for July 2017 as well. I am currently waiting for an email for an interview. We are in the same boat this is my first out of state application, and I'm from Texas. Once I get accepted I will be looking for roommate. I will be taking my car with me. Best of luck! I'm sure you will get in!
  5. cartyl92

    Denver School of Nursing--April 2017 Start

    Hi, I recently applied to DSN as well. I apply for July 2017. I have not receieved an email regarding an interview yet. How long did it take you for them to respond back? I will be planning my travel expenses as well to Colorado. Im from Texas.

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