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  1. festivalnurse

    Home health going rate Nevada

    I am a home health LPN in las vegas, I make $35 per visit
  2. festivalnurse

    IV Refresher course?

    Hi, I am a former LVN from CA, I got my IV therapy and blood withdrawl cert 7 years ago. I moved to Las Vegas, NV 6 months back and am thinking I would like to take a refresher couse. Any leads on where to go?
  3. festivalnurse

    Online LVN to ASN?

    Is there a program similar to the western governors univ that does LVN to ASN? I am located in southern california and cant seem to find anything.
  4. festivalnurse

    LVN-BSN programs online perhaps?!

    and the CA BRN does allow online programs for ADN RN to BSN and BSN to MSN, just not LVN to RN :-(
  5. festivalnurse

    LVN-BSN programs online perhaps?!

    the CA BRN doesnt allow any of the online based programs to be licensed in the state as far as I know it at this point :-(

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