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  1. edilleyrn

    RN wanting to be an Esthetician

    As crazy as this sounds, I'm unhappy being a nurse and wouldn't mind a huge payout to do something I'm passionate about. I'm thinking about going to esthetician school. Since I'm already licensed as an RN, when I'm ready to make more money again, do you think I could still get hired as an RN who does injectables and lasering even if I didn't actually practice as an RN for a couple of years? Just wondering. Thank you
  2. edilleyrn

    Peds to OB

    Hello, I've been an RN for three years now. I started out in med surg for six months. Then I did pediatric critical care for two years. Currently, I'm doing pediatric home health because I'm getting my BSN and I am pregnant. I really want to apply for L&D after my pregnancy but I want to know what kind of chance I have. Sure, I have experience as an RN but I don't have OB experience, so do they even really care? Serious question. Thanks for any tips
  3. edilleyrn

    Bayada health insurance?

    Does anyone work for Bayada and know how much their health insurance costs? I cannot find information anywhere. I would like to know the cost of the PPO and Buy Up PPO plans. Thanks...
  4. edilleyrn

    I hate being a nurse

    I've been a nurse for 2.5 years. I did medical surgical for six months and then got hired into a pediatric ICU. Both were stressful, but for different reasons. I felt more like a nurse in the pediatric ICU. But either way, if you aren't in love with your job, then anything stressful is going to be miserable. I am actually doing pediatric home health now. I only take care of one patient, and it's the same patient every day (usually). Way better, honestly. I wouldn't stick it out in the hospital unless you are desiring a MSN or DNP. Even then, you may not even need hospital experience for certain degree programs. You can try home health as I do. Or you can try working with an insurance company. You can try hospice care. School nursing. I'd say a lot of these are less stressful. Hospital work is both physically and mentally stressful on your body, especially if you're working the night shift. Like i said. Only six months of experience before I got a new job. Try it out!
  5. edilleyrn

    New to Peds HH

    Hi guys, I just accepted a position with a pediatric home health agency. I won't be doing visits. I will be doing one on one patient care with patients of all diagnoses. I have worked in a pediatric ICU for the last two years and it isn't for me. I hated the night shift, and I hated working 12s in the hospital, and I hated how I felt like I was taking care of equipment and not a patient. For example, I would have a lot of kiddos on ventilators and drips. It was a cardiovascular surgical floor. It just felt like there was no time to get to know the patient before you were transferring them out to a new floor. Home health is a brand new experience for me. I feel like I will enjoy the different diagnoses (all I have experience with is cardiac), and I will like the day shift, smaller shifts, and one on one care. HOWEVER... I am worried about how this will effect my career. I'm worried that if I end up wanting to go into a new specialty later on, I will have a hard time getting into the hospital again. As of right now, IDK if I want to go back to the hospital or not. But I also don't want to do home health for the rest of my life, either. I would like to get a masters eventually in education or leadership, and I really don't want my experience to keep me from these things. I am just lost on what to do! Any advice would be great :)
  6. edilleyrn

    Rejected hours after an interview

    Hello all, Ive been a Peds ICU nurse for the last two years. I interviewed with a labor and delivery high risk unit. I just got back from my interview at 11 am today. Then, I received a rejection letter through email a few hours later. I am so confused because my references have told me that they were not contacted. I had nothing but good vibes with the manager and educator. They told me during the interview to expect to hear in a week or two because they have "several" other people to interview, yet I've already been rejected? Has this ever happened to anyone?! First time happening to me.
  7. edilleyrn

    New nurse - RN to MSN, or BSN to DNP?

    Hi friends! I am a fairly new nurse. I have 1 1/2 years of RN experience under my belt. Six months of that was spent on an adult medical surgical floor. The other year has been spent in a pediatric cardiac ICU. I have decided that floor nursing is not my ultimate goal. I am not only interested in education and management, but also in advanced practice nursing! I am so stuck. I have an interview coming up for a labor and delivery position. I love women's health and family. There is the FNP, Women's Health NP, and Midwifery programs in my state. But, as usual, there is also an education track and a leadership track as well. So, my first question is, do you need a masters degree in order to run a unit as a nurse manager? My current manager only has a BSN and we work in a magnet hospital. My second question is, is it more wise to go straight from RN-MSN? Or BSN-DNP? I currently only have my ASN, and I have been working on prerequisities towards the BSN. My ultimate goal is to have a higher degree than the BSN, so I'm wondering if I should change to RN-MSN or just get the bachelors, and decide from there if I want a masters or DNP. Thank you for any advice in advance!
  8. edilleyrn

    Would you report this error?

    Filling out an incident report is the right thing to do. We fill out incident reports even for smaller errors like forgetting a cap or dressing change, or expired lines. The purpose isn't to go after your fellow nurses. Its to protect patients so that these errors are not further made. If no one reports them, then there will be no one to remind all of the nurses that this isn't okay behavior. Rarely on my unit do we actually get in trouble for making errors like this, as long as it is reported and improvement is made.
  9. edilleyrn

    Carriers for drips

    We never cap off. We always use a heparinized flush bag to keep RA lines patent. We do however cap off and heparin lock PICC lines if aren't using the port for any drips. I was always explained that the carrier fluids were to help "carry" the drips into the patient. I never even stopped to think about how the pump already does that! Good for you for using your critical thinking skills. I will be sure to ask at work what the sole purpose of these carrier fluids are next time I go in. Without drips, I know they are for line patency. With drips, I just expected that it was to help push the drips in equally.