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  1. honeybee3383

    Supervising difficult cnas

    Hello, I’m a new nurses with 6 months experience, 3 months at my current facility in assisted living. The issue I am having is dealing with difficult aides and insubordination, I guess. When I state an issue that must be corrected (like bad practices, improper transferring), I’m either told off, told that I don’t know what I’m doing, or told I don’t care about the resident’s “quality of life”. My aides are either mid-30s or early 20s in age, so the ones older than me tell me that they’ve been doing this longer than me and don’t have to listen. The early 20s aides are just drama. I have gone to other coworkers for assistance and my supervisor is aware and hasn’t done anything yet to my knowledge. I did not have this issue at my first facility and I’m just looking for outside help to talk to my aides. I just want the residents to get the best possible care that they can receive. Thanks!
  2. honeybee3383

    I hate being a nurse

    I feel the exact same way. I got my LPN through the LPN challenge (one more RN class to go), so there’s only so many paths to go. I worked in LTC for 2 months and cried going to work, at home, and on my way home. It would be the rudeness of the patients and the families and being overwhelmed with the medpass. I moved to an ALF and it’s becoming the same thing. Luckily, I have a BA and MS in another field and I’m an adjunct college professor...but that only makes so much. I’m just so tired of being so miserable and depressed
  3. honeybee3383

    Improve HESI percentages

    Hey everyone. For those who take HESI tests at your schools, how to you improve your percentages? It seems like the higher I increase in the three digit score, the lower my percentage is. Ex: Last semester, I scored a 920 on fundamentals and that was a 74% and over 1000 on psych and that was a 68 or a 70%. I'm in my last semester and we have 3 graded HESIs (med surg, peds, and v2 exit) and I'm afraid I'll pass numerically but fail due to the percentage.
  4. honeybee3383


    Thank you for responding. I found that I like to take the correct answer, erase it, and put in an incorrect one. I made an appt with the student success coach, nursing tutor, and my advisor for test strategies and how to be less test anxious.
  5. honeybee3383


    I need some study skills help. I'm a first semester nursing student and I am also taking anatomy and physiology II. This is not my first time in college, I have earned a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, I just can't seem to find a career job. My problem is that for my first nursing exam, I didn't study at all and got an 88. The next test, I studied a lot more and got a 78. Now this test, I studied like crazy, watching videos, reading the textbook, making flash cards, study groups, practice NCLEX questions, reviewing my notes, and I got a 76. I feel like the more study I get lower grades. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or tricks to improve? I am at my wits end. Thanks, (And yes, I have tried to review my exams, but my prof never shows up to her own office hours or appts she makes with me. I've tried.)