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  1. Future_Nurse_P

    UTH Cizik School of Nursing BSN Pacesetter- Fall 2019

    Hi there! I also applied for the Fall 2019 semester. I took my Hesi this past Friday and I'm so relieved it's over! Like you, I'm just ready to get it done. I don't want to have to take any additional classes for other schools. I started working on my prerequisites in 2013 so I know what you mean! Hesi scores: Reading Comprehension: 94 Grammar: 100 Vocabulary: 98 Math: 94 A&P: 88 I was hoping to stay in the 90s for all sections but I'm okay with these scores. Hopefully, it'll be good enough to get an acceptance. We shall see! Good luck to us!
  2. Future_Nurse_P

    Texas Woman's University Fall 2019

    Hello! I may be a bit early starting a thread but I wanted to connect with other students wanting to apply to the TWU nursing program in the Fall of 2019 so we can share our experiences! I have already submitted my application through Texas Apply and have started my app in NursingCas. I will be taking my Teas in a month and I'm extremely nervous! It's been a while since I took my math and science classes. Here are my stats: Nursing Core GPA: 3.68 (thanks to a C in Chem) Prereq GPA: 3.79 Current points 46.27 No prior Bachelors No TWU preference