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  1. onetuesdee

    UTA Online AP BSN - 2018

    Let me start by saying how happy I am that the University of Texas Arlington has such an online program. Not only because its online but its one of the top nursing schools in Texas with a NCLEX passing rate of 90%+, those are great odds considering its primarily online. In state tuition is amazing, and partnering hospitals all across the state are available for clinicals. Super Excited to hopefully start my clinicals Jan 2018. I'm writing this to say its never too late. I'm 33 with 2 kids and already established MBA, prior military. Its definitely not to late to do what you love or start all over again. I choose this program because of the NCLEX passing rate, the schools accreditation first, but also because the courses are 8-15 weeks with majority of them being 8 weeks long, there's one critical writing thats 5 weeks. How amazing is that, i'm use to 8 weeks terms to this is good for me. There are classes constantly throughout the year and clinicals start twice a year, even better. I sound like and infomercial lol. I want to wish everyone the best and hope I provided some insight cause I am elated. Also after my BSN I intent to spend a year or two in an ICU or ER then get my CRNA MSN, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I have a full blown plan of where I want this to go God's willing. So lets get started :)
  2. onetuesdee

    UT Arlington ABSN Online Program Spring 2018

    Hi Linda My email is tuesdee.williams@gmail.com I am definitely interested. I just applied to UTA however I have my MBA. I have no idea why I didn't listen to myself a few years back prior to my MBA and get my BSN but everything happens for a reason. My transcripts and FA are all being evaluated and I've spoken to an advisor so I'm just waiting on the final okay. I already have access to class listings and my student ID, mymav and blackboard, so its just a matter of seeing where I stand financially so I can start Jan 2017 and apply to get into the program for Jan 2018. I have roughly 15 classes to take and I also have to take the HESI but i'm holding off on that till next summer, preferably after Biology and Chemistry. By the way, i'm in Houston. Did I mention how excited I am. Here's a question. All the prereq's are online, how on earth did you do your labs? lol. This program is truly unique and perfect for me. Can't wait to get started. Oh and how may classes did you take at one time?