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  1. UC Davis Nurse Residency Program - Spring 2022

    Just solved the issue. For some reason a word doc version uploads but a pdf doesn't for me! PDF is preferred according to the website, but I've been trying to upload the pdf version on the app since last night and no luck, even after contacting IT pe...
  2. UC Davis Nurse Residency Program - Spring 2022

    Hi! Anybody else having trouble uploading their resume? My computer shows the little buffer icon in the corner and then *poof* the resume doesn't upload. What browser did you guys use and just to be clear, we're supposed to submit pdf versions of our...
  3. CSU Stanislaus Fall 2018

    Congrats to everyone that got in! I'm #40 on the waitlist so my chances of getting in are slim :/ How many of you guys are waitlisted? Do you guys personally think I have a shot? I'm going to apply for Spring semester as well since this is my first t...